Makeup is very powerful as it can assist in building confidence. It enhances one’s natural feature. That’s not all. Applying makeup is a chance to display a person’s creativity. Are you a lowkey natural type of person or an ultimate glamazon individual? Are you searching for the ideal makeup tips to polish on your beautifying skills? Below are the best makeup tips to highlight facial features 

  1. Prep the skin 

Skincare is the 1st and most essential step in applying makeup. You can decide to use natural home recipes or professional products. It’s a must that you cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin before applying any beauty product. The process is beneficial as it smoothens the skin in preparation for the concealer as well as the foundation. 

  1. Conceal 

The next tip is to apply a concealer. You need to find the right concealer that works for you. There are different types of concealers which the right amount of shade. You can visit an online beauty store and go through their products. Some have to buy now & pay later online products option. Hence, it’s quite convenient if you urgently need the concealer and you don’t have cash at the moment. Some are used to neutralize; others hide or brighten areas on your face. Always choose opposite sides of the color wheel as they cancel out one another. On top of it, you can choose to add liquid concealer. However, it needs to rhyme with your skin tone.

  1. Foundation 

There’re many options to choose from starting with mineral powder, cream, lotion, mousse to pancake, among others. To select the ideal foundation, always pick one depending on your skin tone. Thicker foundations are best suited for dry skin. Lighter foundations work wonders for oily skins. You need to apply your foundation very carefully using a beauty blender to even out the entire face. Never rub on your concealer as you will fade it. Set your foundation with a translucent powder to have a long perfect look. 

  1. Eye makeup 

Some individuals prefer to do their eye makeup before foundation. They want to avoid cleaning up the residue from the eyeshadow. However, you can also perform this process after applying foundation. You need to play with your eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara to achieve an impressive combination.

  1. Lip makeup 

As you take care of your face, never forget about the lips. There are wide varieties of lipsticks as well as a lip gloss that one can choose to have. Lipsticks come in all kinds of shades ranging from classic, sheer, liquid, matte to peel-out formulas. While selecting the ideal lipstick, to make sure you choose one with SPF. When applying lipstick, fill the lips with a creamy lipstick. When it seems too much, press them against a piece of tissue to remove the excess lipstick and lock in the color.


By following these simple tips, you can change your whole makeup routine. To get started on the best way to highlight the facial features you need to have the makeup. If you lack time to go to a physical store, you can go online and search for beauty shops with buy now & pay later online products. Thus purchase your beauty products. 


This feature was submitted by Cathy Carter

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