The “Yes We Can” empowerment of President Barack Obama and The First Family has been an elevating experience to say the least. At a time when our country was healing still from the affects of 9/11, terrorism, and the evolution of social media President Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America in 2008. Nearly, 8 years ago a message of hope and change infused our country with now a legacy of a historic presidency. Many great changes occurred during this time and BET Networks is celebrating! Set your DVRs and tune in to these highly anticipated events honoring our First Family.

BET Presents the original program “Through the Fire: The Legacy of Barack Obama” narrated by acclaimed actor and activist Jesse Williams.

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Click below for this exclusive sneak peak before the premiere on January 19th at 7pm ET.


BET Life of: The Obamas an original program hosted by acclaimed academic journalist, author, and activist Marc Lamont Hill as he chronicles the presidential timeline of President Barack Obama. The program airs on January 19 at 4pm ET.

Love and Happiness: An Obama Celebration (repeat) airs on January 19th at 8am and 11pm on BET as we celebrate the legacy of President Barack Obama through music and special guest celebrity appearances. A night to remember indeed!