CEO and President of Edmonds Entertainment, Tracey Edmonds is the true definition of a superwoman. On top of holding a boss-lady role and creating her empire, she is also the founder and editor of a lifestyle brand titled, Alright Now. Edmonds’ latest project was executive producing BET’s Games People Play, which made their debut earlier this week. Tune in as Tracey Edmond talks to us about the exciting new show and shares what we can expect to see!

Tell us about the new upcoming drama series, Games People Play on BET. What can viewers expect to see?

Well, it’s a very sexy, hour-long drama about the Los Angeles high life. Our characters go through so much in their lives and still have to try to smile when out in public then go home and face their challenges. We’re setting the backdrop of it all in the NBA and you will see the point of view of three powerful women. There are power couples. One of those couples happens to be Vanessa King (portrayed by Lauren London) and her husband Marques King (portrayed by Sarunas J. Jackson). She is a loyal yet skeptical wife who marries her high school sweetheart who is drafted into the NBA. Her lifestyle changes overnight. They become a power couple that has to figure out how to navigate that world when money is involved, side kicks, infidelity is involved, and more! Vanessa has to figure out how to navigate that in order to keep her family together.

Marques on the other had is onto of his game always but for the first time, he is not prepared for the aspects of this life. He loves his wife but enjoys all the women. You have to tune in to see if he is able to resist that temptation or not.

We have an amazing cast! Nia (portrayed by Karen Obilom) is Vanessa’s best friend from college who has many talents but must find a way to navigate through life as well.

Finally, we have Laila James (portrayed by Parker McKenna Posey) who is the really smart, alluring, struggling actor who sometimes has to make poor choices in order to pay her bills.

We see this story of three different women who have a lot of secrets but you will see how they unfold. It will be a rollercoaster ride but it could become that guilty pleasure show for you.

How would you describe your overall experience as Executive Producer of the show?

I’m a very hands-on executive producer. The show is based on a book and I was able to bring it to BET and adopt a series out of it. I hired all the writers and shaped with the stories. After that, we started casting, which I was involved in as well. We have such a talented cast and I am so proud of all their work. I had a lot of fun being hands on from clothes, makeup, hair, you name it!

What can we expect to see from Tracey Edmonds in the future?

I am actually working on a new series which I can’t announce the network yet but it’s based on a book called Invisible Life. It is a best-selling novel and its an exploration of men on the down low. It’s going to be another juicy drama so I am looking forward to doing that. I also have a couple of projects but I can’t announce it just yet.

I’m active every day on my website called Alright Now. I share tools on how you can live your best life from diet to career, I type into relationships as well.

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