From “Single Ladies” to “Heaven” to world tours, Ashley Everett has grabbed the attention of millions as she danced alongside international pop star Beyoncé. Ever since she was 17 years old, Everett played an important role on Beyoncé’s team, and she now serves as lead dancer and dance captain. Sheen Magazine received the chance to interview this humble and talented dancer about what life is like on the road, her fiery red hair, and her return to the upcoming season of Hit the Floor.

What were you feeling or thinking when you auditioned for Beyoncé?

I went in with an open mind I and didn’t stress the audition. I was 17 years old in high school, and there were so many great dancers there. I really went for the experience.

What has been your most memorable performance thus far?

That’s tough, because there have been so many incredible times. If I had to pick, it would be the 2008 Grammys performance with Tina Turner, and the 2013 Super Bowl was the biggest performance ever.

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Your red hair has caught the attention of millions of people. What made you dye your hair red?

Well, naturally I’m a brunette, and then I got highlights. The first time I dyed my hair red I was scared, so it was dark and you could barely tell I changed the color. In 2009, before the “I Am” world tour, Beyoncé asked me if I could brighten my hair more. I was a part of a girl dance group, and Jamaica Craft, a well-known choreographer, [also] encouraged me to dye my hair a bright red.

As a professional dancer, you are always sweating in your hair. How do you maintain and take care of if?

Color and heat is damaging to the hair. I make sure to use little heat and a lot of conditioner. I take care of my hair by showing it love and making sure that it stays moisturized.

What are 5 hair products that you could never live without?

Hair Rules shampoo and conditioner is rich, thick, and creamy. It is really good for my curly hair. After using that, I apply Ouidad’s Intense Curl Cream; it holds curls. Next, I use Moroccan oil, and a light amount of Ouidad’s Humidity Gel. The last thing would be coconut oil; it leaves my hair healthy and shiny.

Your confidence and beauty is amazing! What is your daily regimen to take care of yourself?

I always wash my face and get all the makeup off before and after I go to bed. Most of the time I can just eat what I want, but I like vegetables so it’s not hard for me to eat healthier meals. When I’m not on tour or dancing, I still like to stay active in some way. I cycle, hike, and do some Crossfit. I love to swim and be outdoors (laughing), but if I’m not doing that then of course I love to shop too.

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Do you have an alter ego when you are on stage?

I guess you can say that I do. A lot of people see how I am on stage and come up to me like, ‘I thought you were  going to be a rude and mean person. You look so stuck up when you’re on stage.’ I’m just thinking, what am I supposed to do or look like when I’m on stage? I’m really a nice and easy-going person.

What is the most stressful part of going on tour?

We may have rehearsals where we practice for 2-16 hours, or 20 hours for the big tours. Tours aren’t too stressful, because we’re usually doing the same thing once the show is set. Traveling is most exhausting, because as soon as we’re done performing we shower, pack our things, get on the bus, travel to the next state, and do it all again the next night.

So you are going to be on VH1’s Hit the Floor again! What can you tell fans about your character Peyton?

Well they have decided to bring Peyton back. I was on the show in the first season, and now you’ll be seeing me back on this next season with more dances and drama (laughing).

What can fans expect from this season of Hit the Floor?

I can’t give away too much about this season, but fans can expect a lot of excitement and drama!

Do you have any advice for young girls/women trying to make it in this industry?

I have learned a valuable lesson, which is, certain things are meant for certain people. If you don’t get the chance to do something, or you see someone else doing something that you want to do, that just means that more is in store for you. But like Beyoncé said, ‘girls run the world.’ Girls, we are each other’s rock!! We are powerful!! We need to continue to be there for each other, and stop putting each other down.