Natural curly hair influencer, Bianca has certainly made a name for herself in the world of YouTube. As a girl with the curls, she’s become an inspiration to many all over the world for the love she has to help her subscribers. Not only does her channel cover all things hair but she also incorporates makeup, fashion, and even skincare. Join us as we get to know BiancaReneeToday, who shares her love for empowering others and her must have beauty product!

Can you tell us about yourself? What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?
Well, with YouTube channel, I have been able to make it my full-time job, which is great because I have a job that allows me to inspire and encourage people across the world that I have never even met before. It’s really crazy to see what the internet and social media allows you to do when it’s used in a positive way.

I use my platform to educate men and women on how to love and embrace their naturally curly hair. I’ve always been natural and anyone that is natural knows the struggle to figure out what to do with it sometimes, frizz can get out of control and there are so many people that think that their hair is not beautiful. Some feel like they have to straighten it in order for it to look beautiful.

It started by killing that stigma that there is only one definition of beauty. One day I found some natural curly products, actually by SheaMoisture that worked great for my hair. I had never used natural or curly hair products, I was using the generic stuff that was readily available and that just wasn’t cutting it. When I found something that worked, I was so excited that I decided to make a video, literally in my kitchen with the webcam on my laptop and just posted it. When it got a lot of traction and from then on, I just continued to make more curly hair videos reviewing products, how I apply them, and it launched my channel organically without me actually having a plan. I never planned on being a YouTuber, it kind of just happened!

What is it that you prefer? High end or drugstore makeup?
For makeup, I’ve always been more for drugstore. I like to say I have expensive taste but I’m still really thrifty (laughs). I’ve always just used drugstore foundation, it wasn’t until I created my channel when I branched out to try high-end foundations. Just because it doesn’t have a big name, you can still find products that work great at an affordable price. I like to showcase that on my channel.

You showcase many different hairstyles on your page. What is your favorite hairdo to rock?
I do make videos showcasing many different hairstyles but to be completely honest, 90% of the time my hair is just down and big (laughs). I feel like my hair is most expressive when it is in it’s biggest state. I think it’s a great conversation. Every time someone sees hair, they try to touch it or talk to me about it (laughs). If I do a natural style, I always do a pineapple, which is also my symbol in the curly world. It’s a ponytail at the top of the head that is usually used to keep your curls maintained while you sleep, that way you can refresh your curls every day. Not only is it a functional hairstyle that I use to sleep in, I also wear it as an updo to showcase the curls in the front of the head.

Do you have any holy grail beauty products you can tell us about?
My holy grail beauty product would have to be something I use for my hair. It would be the Dippity-Do Girls with Curls Curl Shaping Gelee. It’s kind of a random choice because apparently, Dippity-Do was a brand that was around in like our grandma’s days. They’re still around and kicking it but they’re only sold in like Marshalls, Ross, they’re kind of hard to find in the US (laughs). But when you find it, it’s only $4.99! The fact that this little pink bottle of gel is only five bucks and works amazing is great! I love telling people to use it because it’s so affordable and I get perfect curls every single time!

What can we expect to see from Bianca Renee Today in the future?

I really just want to expand my brand. Like I mentioned, it’s really exciting to know that I can reach people across the world. Even though it may be something as simple as hair, it also correlates with our confidence because when you look good, you feel good. A lot of girls have written me, telling me that they have embraced their natural hair, they love it, they get so many compliments, and that makes me feel good knowing that I’ve helped someone else feel good. I just want to expand my channel and my brand and be able to create an organization where I can reach even more people, be more hands-on with the natural hair community to build more self-esteem across the world!


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