Nails by Rochelle is a contemporary nail shop that serves celebrities and friends from all over the United States. Owner Rochelle is a native of Detroit with 20 years’ experience as a nail technician. She relocated to Atlanta with a vision to network and explore nail salons within the area.

In 2015 after finding it hard to adjust as an African American nail technician she opened her own nail salon. Since opening her salon in Decatur, Ga she has experienced nothing but greatness. She has been able to work with celebrity clients such as Missy Elliot, K. Michelle, Lauryn Hill, and Jessica Dime just to name a few.

Back in February of this year, she launched her own gel nail polish, ‘Color Closet’. As a unique nail technician who strives to be open with new ideas and solutions to problems she was inspired to launch ‘Color Closet’ after endless trips to the beauty supply store and discovering there was either not a variety of colors or the gel polish would chip easily. She strives for customer satisfaction and creating something everlasting yet vibrant which is also why she names the gel polish colors with names her customers can relate too.

To many Atlanta residents, Decatur is “Where it is Greater” and Rochelle is set up to be the greatest nail technician.

In the beauty industry, specifically the nail industry it has become very rare for black women to support black nail techs. Most black women are accustomed to servicing Asian nail shops or parlors that treat their African-American customers less than important. It’s no secret that we’ve mentally been trained to support a specific type of business with our nail services. There are millions of Asian American owned nail businesses throughout the U.S. While we would probably need to dig and research areas that have black-owned nail salons available. During my visit to, “Nails By Rochelle’s” black owned nail salon, located in Decatur, Georgia we discussed a variety of topics affecting nail care, industry stereotypes, and her personal experiences as a celebrity nail technician. 20 years ago, Rochelle said she received a prophecy saying people would be coming to her from all over the world and that she would be doing something with her hands. From prophecy to purpose she has excelled within her industry.

What is it like being from Detroit and living in the south?

Being from Detroit and living in Georgia definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Georgia has definitely opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I always say Detroit raised me a Georgia made me! I’m proud to be a native of Detroit.

What are the top trending gel nail polishes from the ‘Color Closet’ collection?

It would definitely be Hard Head Hector, Make Me Cum, and Strap From My Exotic Collection called Lady Like. So Kate is also in big demand.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced with being an African American nail technician?

Yes! One of my biggest obstacles was working at Vietnamese salon and being rejected from older black women. They wouldn’t allow me to touch their nails. I had been doing nails for 10 years in Detroit and never experienced anything like that. I thought that being a black nail tech in the South would give me an advantage but I found out that wasn’t true. Once people gave me a chance, I had clientele lined up for my services.

What’s been your favorite experience as a nail tech?

Meeting one of the biggest icons ever Missy Elliott! It was an honor to do her birthday nails and service her. I thank God for the blessings and the storms it took to get here.

Would you actually educate our communities on the money, business plans, and staffing needed to run a successful nail salon?

Yes! I love educating and giving advice and helping others. I also host training classes at Beaver Beauty Academy and I teach private classes.

How do you feel about the video in the nail salon of the staff and owners beating their African American customers with brooms? How do we encourage more of our people to open our own businesses and nail salons?

That video where I saw the Asians proceeding to beat those women was atrocious! It disgusted me in so many ways because as a minority you would think they would have been more compassionate to another. But sometimes it takes events like these to make us realize how we must band together as a community. It’s virtually impossible to proceed productively without being one with YOUR community.

*We can encourage our own by being as productive as possible throughout all of the trials we may face! It shows resilience and perseverance. So that they may be able to see that ANYTHING is possible. No one can stop you but you! Allow another to be your inspiration!

Did you always plan to own your own salon?

No. It was never my intention to actually have a building with my name on it. I was always really content with doing my consistent clients in an environment that was comfortable and clean. But you know they say tell god your plans if you want to make him laugh. And when the environments became non-conducive and uncomfortable for my clientele I knew it was time for a change.