When it comes to empowering other women, these ladies have got it down packed. The Bougie Bunch Group, Ericka Hatfield, Lyndsay Christian, Shawanda Green, and Joi Adams have made it their personal mission to redefine the term “bougie” for women of color. Now, what does that exactly mean? Well, in these inclusive interviews with the members of the inspiring group, the women shared why they created this safe space for women of color and how they plan to continue to be the change we need to see in the world!

Lyndsay Christian

Can you tell us about yourself and your role in The Bougie Bunch?

I oversee marketing, media, and logistics, and I serve as the host/emcee for all Bougie Bunch Group events.

You also work in media. How do you find the ability to balance your life while remaining so humble?

I do my work ultimately to please God, and second, to inspire and impact others, especially young women of color. I keep that in mind as I execute my work, whether in the field on assignment, conducting interviews on the red carpet or emceeing an event. I represent my personal brand, but I also represent the Bougie Bunch Group. Combined, both keep me very grounded and humble.

In what ways does The Bougie Bunch use it’s their platform in order to encourage and support women of color?

We are honored to serve as cheerleaders for the women of color in our network and beyond. For example, we offer opportunities for women to serve on panels, moderate discussions, host our Instagram live during events, serve as vendors, perform, etc. 

Additionally, through our philanthropic arm, Bougie Blessings, we leverage our network to collect donations to help communities of color. It’s a blessing to be a blessing!

What are you looking forward to the most this year for The Bougie Bunch?

I’m especially thrilled to host a Bougie Brunch in my hometown of Houston, Texas at a restaurant inside of a luxury department store. Winning! I’m also looking forward to refreshing our website with a new look for our brand, connecting with Fortune 500 companies to produce first-class networking events and seeking national media opportunities (print, digital and television), thus increasing our network of fabulous, talented and amazing women of color.

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