Despite the rumors, Dutchess and Ceaser of Black Ink Crew are still together and going strong and even have matching tattoos. The couple are still engaged and a wedding is in the works sooner than later.

“Me and Dutchess are like a normal relationship. We get mad at each other, we curse each other out, we’re best friends at the end of the night and that’s just it,” said Ceaser.

If you are a fan of the show, you can tell that the couple are really passionate about the art of tattooing. However, they do enjoy the simpler things in life outside of the shop and show.

“Me and Dutchess like looking at stuff of art. You might catch us going to museums or you might even catch us in your local art plazas and what not. We do more artsy stuff; you can just call us some black hippies if you want,” said Ceaser.

Although, the duo has an impressive clientele list, they both agree it is not always about who your tattooing, but the story behind it.

The most influential person to Ceaser that he was given the privilege to tattoo was DMX. He refers to DMX as his inspiration and has got to the point where he can even call him a friend. He never connected to a customer the way he has with DMX saying “he has demons just like everyone else.”


As for Dutchess, “It’s not really who, but it’s how. Just sitting down with a client and doing their tattoo, you learn so much about them and their story. There are people who may not be anyone to society, but to the people that they love and how they live their life are important and their stories are pretty dope,” said Dutchess

Obviously the show is a great platform for the artist to showcase their artwork and expand their client list, but their raw talent alone is what brought the show to them.

“That’s how they (production company) really heard of us. I was traveling, I was in the first Urban Ink and I had a five-page spread of me and my shop at the time when I was in Brooklyn and I was really making a name for myself at the time,” said Ceaser.

Ceaser admits that he would have never in a million years imagined himself as a tattoo artist, but now the passion to do artwork is unmatchable to anything he ever saw himself doing.

“It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just about being a tattoo artist. I’ve been a tattoo artist, but being a part of the tattoo culture. That’s what I appreciate more,” said Dutchess.

Although Dutchess opened her own tattoo shop in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, which is doing well, she has been working to balance both maintaining a presence on the show and working in her shop.

“The way that they edit these shows, I don’t really know how they are going to make me look. Dutchess from Black Ink Crew is not the same person you will meet in real life. It’s two totally different people and I am very grateful for that,” said Dutchess.

As for Ceaser, viewers can expect to see growth on the upcoming season.

“This season, you’re going to see real progression and us going from kids to grown-ups. You’re really going to see us taking charge of what we need to do and that’s becoming the best urban tattoo shop in the whole country and I believe we can and we are,” said Ceaser.

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