Cosmetic brand, Black Radiance Beauty, released a video of showcasing beauty bloggers, career women and men, telling stories of the experiences they’ve had shopping for make up. Whether it be foundation, eye shadow, or blush, in the past looking for items that matched our skin tones or perfectly blended to give our face a neat balance was easier said than done. Today, we have brands like Black Radiance, Gold Label, Vera Moore, Iman and more, so make up for brown skin is not as scarce as it once was. What Black Radiance’s video does brilliantly is introduce a topic that many of us have touched on with our mothers, sisters, cousins, and friends and brought it to the forefront of the stage when we discuss black beauty. Watch the video below and feel ready to be inspired by their stories.

Images from Khoudia Diop Instagram and The Colored Girl Inc Instagram