If you thought laying off Stephanie Caudle would slow her down, you were clearly mistaken! Caudle founded Black Girl Group back in 2016 when she was going through one of the most difficult times in her life. The group is an online freelance company that connects African American creatives around the globe. In this exclusive interview with Stephanie Caudle, she dishes all about Black Girl Group and an exciting new campaign titled, Black Women vs. Everybody.

Tell us about Black Girl Group. 

Black Girl Group was created in November 2016 during one of the hardest times of my life.  At the time I was managing well over 50 clients per day for a heating and air conditioning marketing agency while also moonlighting as a freelance journalist for the Huffington Post. One night after an extremely stressful day, I remember going to sleep and asking God what more did he have for me. That night I dreamed(literally) of the words “Black Girl Group.” At the time I had no idea what Black Girl Group would mean to me or to the culture and so I asked God to show me what this meant and literally the next night I dreamed that it would be a freelance staffing agency to connect African American women to companies seeking to outsource more diverse talent. About 2 weeks later I was laid off from my job and I haven’t stopped running since.

Why was it important for you to create Black Girl Group? 

As an African American women in the world of Marketing, PR and Advertising I am almost always the only black woman(or even person of color all together) in the rooms I sit in. Because of this I was often asked by my colleagues “how can we find or recruit more black people?”. As a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University I knew great creative talent existed because I went to school with these people and I made it my personal mission to bring more of these amazingly talented people into the rooms with me.  Many people see the lack of diversity but can’t fix it because there networks lack diversity so I decided to help them out by creating Black Girl Group.

What is #BlackWomenVsEverybody? 

#BlackWomenVsEverybody is a campaign I launched on Black Friday of this year to raise awareness about Black Girl Group. African American women are the trend setters in politics, fashion, entertainment, finance, law, pop culture, marketing, etc. and yet we tend to be the one demographic that is constantly overlooked. #BlackWomenVsEverybody isn’t a campaign created to alienate black women from the rest of the world it is to show the world that we are powerful too and that our voices and lives matter.

Where do you hope to see Black Girl Group in the years to come?

2019 was our biggest year ever. We were able to staff some of the largest music   festivals and marketing campaigns in the country. In years to come it is my dream that Black Girl Group will become the largest multicultural marketing and event staffing company in the world. 


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All images by Janine Domingues-Vasquez, LLC