What’s the deal with blurring sticks? And, better yet, why can’t we stop seeing them everywhere? You may have noticed that brands are launching them left and right, leaving us all asking, “what exactly are we supposed to be blurring?” Let’s break it down, because they’re one of the hottest new products of 2017.

Though strangely vague in name, these new sticks seek to replace all your primers in one fell swoop — with a universal goal among them: to erase your pores. We all want our pores shrunken to the size of nothingness — cue Regina George’s “my pores are huge!” — but sometimes even the most diligent of skin-care routines fails to address the concern.

These sticks pick up where your morning skin routine leaves off. In fact, they’re a bit like the skin-perfecting Snapchat filters you always use. “In a filter-obsessed culture, we’ve progressed past concealer to cover blemishes, uneven textures, and fine lines,” says Chauntal Lewis, head makeup artist at 901 Salon in L.A. “In fact, we all know sometimes concealer makes it worse. Blurring sticks can help soften areas on the face to get rid of shine and smooth things out. It’s like Facetune without the Facetune!”

Burring sticks work by harnessing light-diffusing powder that blends into the skin to reduce fine lines and the visibility of pores. So, pretty much the work of wizards. They’re easy to apply, too, just draw over your areas of concern and blend or pat with your fingers or a damp sponge.

Ahead, a look at the latest blurring sticks looking to give your pore-fect skin.

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