Screen shot 2015-10-15 at 1.30.52 PMDeborah Fletcher Mello warms your heart and hardens your soul in a game of love and war with her newest novel.

Release: November 2015

True to its Southern setting, the book gets off to a slow start. Although, the relationship between Malcolm Cobb and Priscilla Jameson wasted no time taking off. Malcolm is the other half of The Playground, a Jazz and Blues club that controls the night life in Raleigh, N.C. The father of twins has a past that will make any woman think twice about him, but his accomplishments supersede his failures. Priscilla has always been concerned with being the perfect child, but Malcolm is the exception in more than one way. While the couple cannot resist one another, their relationship is definitely tested more than once, but it wouldn’t be playing for keeps if it was easy to win.

Deborah follows Playing with Fire with her second series in the Sultry Southern Nights escapades. Grasping readers’ attention and not letting go, Playing for Keeps is sure to entice romantics everywhere with relatable characters, unfathomable situations, and a love that is weathered and tried.