What does being a “Boss” mean to you? Actually, being consider a “Boss” means more than just, owning or having the final say over something or someone. It’s how you view yourself and your vision and success in business and life! Also, being successful within your business takes more than networking, clients, and referrals, it takes being willing to be a consistent student and learning from those that have already been successfully in business, especially those with in the same field that you have chosen.

While, this past Saturday, September 24, 2016, Ms. Shemika Johnson Founder and CEO of Glamsquad Hair hosted “Bosses Link Up,” allowing a panel of 8 successful women share there success stories, as well as present opportunities to network with the woman that attended the event, which consisted of several  business owners, entrepreneurs and others.


Founder and Boss of Glamsquad Hair Shemika Johnson

Mrs. Shemika Johnson, not only shared her thoughts and experiences on her rode to achieve her path way to becoming a Boss, but she was accompanied by more woman that joined her in doing the same, both on the panel and in the audiance. The event was fulled with ladies involved in every profession, which not only became informative, but sincerely benefical to everyone, including the panelist.


Comedian “Miss Shirleen”


Entertainment/Entrepreneur Attorney Dayna Thomas


Professional Make Up Artist Brandi V.


Pastor, Author & Life Coach Dr. Rhonda Travitt


Celebrity Hairstylist Tamika Gibson


Celebrity Stylist & Reality Star Jo Jo


Event Moderator DJ Traci Steele

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