Do or die Bed-Stuy! Some of our favorite hip-hop artists such as the Notorious B.I.G and Jay Z hail from Bedford–Stuyvesant, a historic, tree-lined neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.  At one time, there was a lack of quality, fresh foods in local grocery stores. Fast food restaurants were the go-to for many of its residents.  Not to mention, fitness was not a priority rather survival.

The predominantly Black neighborhood is quite different than in the 1990’s when the above mentioned legendary rappers used hip-hop in order to seek a better life.  According to am New York,

“The percent of Bed-Stuy’s adult population with a college degree grew from 11 percent in the ’90s to 25 percent in the next 14-year period, and a wave of new businesses have set up shop in once-vacant storefronts along commercial strips on Malcolm X, Classon and Lewis avenues.”  

The Fit In: Bedford Stuyvesant “The Fit In Bed-Stuy” is one of these new businesses, looking to create a diverse fitness community in the heart of Brooklyn where everyone is welcome. Founded by a marketing, advertising, and exercise guru, Ife O., The Fitin Bed-Stuy satisfies a need for quality and affordable fitness training by providing a boutique fitness experience to those in and around the neighborhood. It’s signature classes include Pilates and Strong which develops a framework for long, strong bodies that can handle current everyday tasks from carrying groceries or picking up toddlers, or to preparing for high- intensity workouts, or lifting heavy weights.

“The Fit In has changed my life! I have never felt so comfortable in a group workout setting.  It’s literally a community, and, for the first time, I look forward to working out on a weekly basis,” says a loyal customer.

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