Brilliantly funny and with personality for days, Summerella is #goals thriving in the social media game.

A few years back, Summerella exploded online using Vine and her wonderful personality to accumulate one million followers on the app, and now she continues to shine, with over three million followers on Instagram. But this social star isn’t stopping yet!

Summerella makes you feel like she’s the super cute, normal, funny girl who lives next door, however, this millennial is anything but normal! She’s a star in the making with new music on the rise, marching to a beat of her own, proof that personality pays off in these digital days. SHEEN caught up with the social star to talk about her online following, collaborations, and to see what’s on her agenda for 2019.

Did you ever think you would gain enough popularity off of videos online to create a full brand and name for yourself?

No, I never thought about it in that way, I just wanted to have fun!


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