You know and love her from Bravo’s hit reality series, Thicker Than Water. Brooklyn Tankard, popularly known as Queen Brooklyn has since toured the world to speak to others about the challenges she’s endured in life. Tankard has overcome depression, rape, and prostitution and has now made it her personal mission to help others. With new music on the way, Brooklyn has given the world a sneak peek with the release of her NEW song, Controlla, a song that walks her listeners through her life journey to find self-love and discovery. Check out Sheen Magazine‘s official interview with Brooklyn Tankard below!

Can you tell us about yourself and your experience on Bravo’s show, “Thicker than Water”?

Well, a lot of people recognize me from Bravo’s hit show, Thicker than Water about my family. I actually pitched the show when I was only 23-years-old. I was a young teen mom and I was out on my own at just 15-years-old. I experienced a lot of bad things: street life, drugs, prostitution, and just so many things. Because of my record, I couldn’t get a job but I eventually went into entrepreneurship in the hair industry. People knew me from selling hair and simply being passionate about it. I began producing hair shows on our show. I produced over the top hair shows because of my big imagination. On the show, people saw me working towards my dreams. On the show, you also saw me as a singer. I performed “When I’m Gone,” which is my first single produced by Black Elvis who has produced for Rihanna, Beyonce, anyone you can think of. Since then, I’ve been doing more music and a movie, entrepreneurship, and I travel to give empowerment speeches.
Your latest single, “Controlla” was released on your June 20th, your 30th birthday! Happy late birthday! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

Well, it kind of goes back to my story. My life was such a hard contrast, most people would count someone out with a story like mine. I believe that anything is possible for anyone if they decide to accept their true identity. Controlla talks about that bondage stage for me. I was molested and abused at a very young age. As I got older, I tried to share my situation and it felt like no one really cared. I felt neglected and unworthy. I started to look for love in all the wrong places. I was pregnant at 14 and I didn’t want to give my child up for adoption. When you’re that young and have a child, people tend to push you away or look down on you. It was especially hard for me who has a father that is a pastor. Something was wrong with me, I was broken and I needed healing. I was out in the streets with a baby trying to figure life out; I was still a baby myself. While I was experiencing hardship, I knew deep down that I was made for greatness. At 18, I found myself in the world of prostitution, I was taking drugs, and I was close to dying. I had a brothel set up with women ages 25 to 45 and on my 21st birthday, as they’re counting down to my birthday, the police kicked in the door and raided the brothel. In that exact moment, that was when God spoke to me and said, “Come home.” In Controlla, my lyrics tell the story. I’m open, honest, and that is what is needed.

On top of being an artist, you’re also an empowerment speaker and event host. What is it that you want your listeners to gain when you speak?
Well, I want them to understand that they are royalty. In order for us to use that power inside of us, we have to take responsibility for our past and forgive ourselves and others. I just want everyone to experience true love and peace. I like to inspire people to act, use their words to speak in life, meditate, and cultivate the best in themselves. You can have the desires you have in your heart if you put your mind and spirit to it.

Lastly, what can we expect to see from Brooklyn Tankard in the future?

You can expect to see the Not My Controlla Movement. I have influencers who are joining the movement so I am very excited to have them on board to push this message. The point is to have everyday people open up and speak out on this platform whether they have overcome their bondage, whatever it may be. We’re going to be going to domestic violence shelters, working with teen moms, and more. Controlla is part of a series so there is a journey that people will go through. Royalty is the next single that will come out, where you will find your true identity. I have a new play production right now, I can’t announce it quite yet but I’m excited to see everything God has planned in my music and acting career.

I’m going on tour, we’ve got a lot of cities locked in and we’ll be locking in a lot more so that is going to be exciting to take on the road and more!

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