To say Brii Gabrielle’s entrance into the world was challenging is an understatement by any standard. While being born into the universe, pulled from her mother’s womb, at first Brii Gabrielle wasn’t breathing. Doctors had to rush into the labor and delivery room to save her life, which they did. Unfortunately, during the saving process, Brii experienced an injury, which resulted in her having a physical disability known as Brachial Plexus Palsy (BPP).

BPP left Brii with little to no movement in her right arm. In an effort to correct the injury – between the ages of 11 months and 1 ½ years old – she had to undergo four major/critical surgeries. Doctors said Brii would never be able to crawl, comb her hair, tie her shoes, write well, or swim. But with occupational therapy, hard work, and determination she proved them wrong. Striving hard, she learned how to write well with her left hand, to swim like a fish, and she accomplished everything they said she wouldn’t.

Early on, Brii didn’t allow her situation to negatively shape her perspective but instead viewed her circumstances as a blessing – a blessing because she was different. Of course, while growing up, she was teased and asked a lot of impolite questions about her arm, which at times got her down. However, her adversities made her stronger and more determined to be successful. Furthermore, it prompted her to seek her purpose in life.

In short, Brii did not let her situation hold her back. Instead, she allowed it to fuel her soul to overcome the obstacles facing her. She is thankful that God selected her to be unique. “I’m okay with being different,” Brii Gabrielle often says.

At the ripe age of seven, she told her mother she wanted to be an entertainer. Attempting to set her up for success, Brii Gabrielle’s mother put her in various dance classes. Later on she enrolled her in modeling and acting classes. Eager to see her dreams come true, Brii Gabrielle graduated from high school early with honors (a 4.6 GPA!) and began college at the University of South Carolina (USC).

One year, during her time at USC, Brii Gabrielle loudly heard music and performing calling her name, and strongly felt she was supposed to be doing something extraordinary with her life. Unable to resist fulfilling her purpose, she packed up her bags, left USC in Columbia, and moved to Atlanta, in order to pursue her dreams of someday becoming a celebrity entertainer.

Inspired by phenomenal artists – such as Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Aaliyah – Brii has been steadily going strong ever since. While attending various music conferences, performing live, and touring with Grammy-nominated producer Zaytoven, she ended up graduating from the University of South Carolina online program with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management. At 21, she started her own record label, Different Breed Entertainment.

To date, she’s written over 75 songs, recorded 11 songs with award-winning producers [YK Osiris, Rihanna, and Jacquees], and released two singles, all while garnering several modeling/acting gigs (one is on Netflix). Most recently, she performed live at The Trap Festival and is slated to go on tour, so stay tuned!

Currently working on her non-profit organization for individuals with disabilities, she’s ecstatic about providing philanthropy to the underserved population around the world.

Moving forward, Brii is scheduled to release her third single No Permission in July. In the Fall, she will release her first EP. Grounded with a strong work ethic, she intends to be a force within the hip hop/R&B music industry. She’s determined to earn her way to the top. More importantly, she wants young people to always go for their dreams, even if the odds are against them. She wants everyone to know that being different makes you unique, so embrace it.

Brii Gabrielle’s Favorite Quotes:

“It’s not about perfection. It’s about purpose,” Beyonce.

“The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant—and the success will naturally follow,”Oprah Winfrey.

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