Beaudentity-app is a brand new app that caters to women of color who seek black-owned products. “Celebrating the beauty of your identity” Created by entrepreneur Nauje Change Beaudentity app is opening a platform for black-owned beauty brands to showcase their products to consumers who are seeking a certain type of merchandise to use in their everyday lives.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

As long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for occasions where creative and analytical thinking meet.  My love of left and right brain thinking ignited an insatiable curiosity for the world around me.  From inquisitively observing I’ve come to believe that with faith, imaginative thinking and an inventive perspective no problem is too big to solve.

Was entrepreneurship what you always desired to move towards growing up?

In my heart I feel like I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, my parents will often recount my business-minded spirit even as a child.  I remember selling a hundred plus boxes of Girl Scout cookies one year and later starting a clothing line for Beanie Babies. As I got older I sometimes found the volume and magnitude of my ideas intimidating and overwhelming…so many ideas, so little time.  Fortunately, my career in advertising became a great outlet.  The ad industry refined my focus on ultimate objectives and eliminating anything that could distract from what our team was working towards.  When I got to the point that I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be an entrepreneur I started to utilize that same keen focus to fuel my personal goal of entrepreneurship.  Immediately, I took a leap of faith and made a lot of life changes to better align with my boss babe aspirations.

What motivated you to say I need to create this app?

The company concept was born at a place where necessity met my personal passion.  I am big on supporting Black-owned businesses and constantly experimenting with hair and beauty looks.  At the time there was a void of one-stop resources to identify black-owned beauty brands and products that worked for my unique curl pattern and shade of melanin.  When I couldn’t find the resource that I was looking for I started to create it.

Do you feel it was/is difficult to have others join you and want to join the app with their brands?

Some brands wanted to see the app launch before signing on, but most brands were intrigued by our brand partnership opportunity.  It was always the objective for our partnership to be mutually beneficial to all parties and directly align our app’s objectives to the objectives of the brands.  We only win when our brand partners win and we offer personal attention to each brand partner’s success on the app.  This includes collaborating regularly on calls to brainstorm new ways to expand their wins on the Beaudentity app.

We know there is so much research that has to go into creating anything, can you explain the type of research that had to be done and was it difficult to gain for the Bеаudеntitу app that was created?

A great deal of my research focused on if other women of color were experiencing the same difficulty in finding beauty products formulated for Black women and created by Black entrepreneurs.

In the post-Fenty Beauty era, I noticed a lot more articles and studies reinforcing what many of us already knew…that there is a need for more beauty products that are developed specifically for women of color.  Also with Black women being the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, there was a ton of articles highlighting African Americans who started brands to delivery on our beauty needs that had been long overlooked and under-addressed by other brands.

Can you explain more about what the Bеаudеntitу app is about?

Beaudentity is a Black-owned app where African American women can go to celebrate the beauty of our identity through shopping Black-owned beauty businesses.   Via our cash back system, we reward users for shopping with Black beauty businesses and brands.  We also empower our user to find the perfect products from featured businesses via tutorials and swatches customized by skin tone and curl pattern. 

What would you like people to gain from joining or purchasing the app?

Our mission is to make it easier for women of color to support and discover black-owned beauty businesses with products that work just right for her.

What do you have coming up next?

Expanding on the passion that drove the inception of this business and using it purposefully to facilitate inroads for minorities in tech.

Partnering with even more black-owned beauty business.

Continuing to work with our amazing partner influencers to create monthly app content that celebrates all of our glorious hair textures and shades beauty.

How can people continue to follow you and where can they download the Beaudentity app?

Visit us on our website to download the app and keep up with us on Instagram.

All images by Jasmine Oliver| Instagram