I’ve never really been the kind of guy who worried about my skin. Yeah, back in the day, walking around middle school with a massive zit seemed like the end of the world, but eventually, the hormones normalized, and my skin’s condition began to fluctuate solely based upon whatever lifestyle I happened to be living. Case in point, if I was eating a lot of fast food/junk every night, eventually my complexion would worsen. If I didn’t wash up right after playing ball, a show (yes, I was a musician at one point, if you could call it that), or a night out on the town, again, my skin’s condition would eventually become noticeably “rough” enough and require me to do something about it, like not eat junk food/take a quick shower. But that was then, back in my late teens, early twenties, and now, if I’m eating a lot of junk food, it means I’m depressed, which fortunately doesn’t happen too often and if I’m not taking a shower? Well, I can’t remember the last day I didn’t take a shower. Like, what was my nineteen-year-old self-thinking? Regardless, it doesn’t take much for my skin to not look hideous. But this doesn’t necessarily mean I have healthy skin.

A couple of years ago, I began to notice small things about my skin, maybe a little extra dryness, a blemish, or slight discoloration perhaps, which lasted a week or two longer than normal. I know for many of you, this will sound insane, but for years, I had only used basic soap to clean my face, which I at least did every morning. Needless to say, once I noticed the little changes, I switched things up, bought a face wash, started to drink more water, basic stuff. Long story short, my face started to experience a slight burning sensation, which entirely depended on the weather, much like if my lips were chapped. For instance, if it was cold and dry, any trace of wind felt like tiny needles were stabbing my nose and cheeks, and even without wind, the pinprick feel still consistently presented itself, even if not as intensely.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m an idiot. I get it. A simple fix. But how was I supposed to know that simply using a moisturizer had so many skin benefits? There are a lot of aspects changing now within society, but men talking about their skin simply isn’t commonplace. It took the suggestion from my girlfriend and a few coworkers to push me over the hump, so to speak, to convince me of the positives of not just daily moisturizing, but skincare in general.

Anyways, I’m not getting any younger! And so prioritizing skin health, yes by clean eating and all that jazz – stress management and exercise too – these are all good things to do in and of themselves. Still, my process isn’t at all that difficult. I simply found a few products which take a couple of minutes to apply, and that’s that, problem solved. At night I use a cleanser and t-zone serum, and after I wake up, splashing my face first with water, I use a moisturizer. All of my products come from Akura Wellness and work exactly how I want them to, easy peasy.

Here’s the list:

  1. Gentle Balance Cleanser
  2. Clear Confidence T-Zone Serum
  3. Amazinist Age Defying Moisturizing Crème

You can find them all at and remember, it’s never too early to think, live, and be healthy!