Spring is here! Flowers are in bloom and its time to show off all that hard work that you have been putting into your body and taking care of your skin. With skin being the largest organ in the body, it is also the most fragile. With the wear and tear that winter weather can have on your skin and hair, it can become very dry and scaly. It’s important to have the right products and regime to properly nourish. moisten and cleanse your body. As the old saying goes; “Take care of your body and it will take care of you”. The same goes for your skin and hair, it will take care of you and give you an amazing glow up.

A lot of African- American women deal with skin and hair issues. From Eczema to Psoriasis to alopecia, it is important that people of melanin take pride in taking care of hair and skin. Women should be cautious of everything that goes on to the body and ensure that no harsh chemicals are present. Using the right natural and organic products can do a world of wonder for both the inside and outside of the body. Queen Bs Natural Nubian Hair and Body Care carry a wide variety of products to help women have an enjoyable experience of caring for their hair skin. With spring’s arrival, it’s more important than ever to ensure that moisture is your number one priority for body care. Developed in Little Rock, Arkansas by Bridget Lover this skin care system has been created so that your skin care routine can be as flawless and beautiful as possible. Lover says “treat yourself like royalty. I believe that black people came from royalty. I believe that we originally were royalty in our homeland (Africa) before we came to America. We are Kings and Queens and the products that we wear from represent us as such.”

The greatest benefit of Queen Bs Natural Nubian Hair and Body Care is that all products are organic and handmade. From bath bombs to body whips, this system is helping black women to have the best skin glow and hair growth. With a passion for helping and healing people, Bridget has built her emerging empire up from humble beginnings. Born and raised in Norwalk, Ohio she got her love for making products from her grandmother; “I started my business because my grandmother started making handmade products when we were children. From the curl wax to the grow oils, she made everything we put in our hair and on our body. My business is a reflection and enhancement of what she taught me. Inspired by living an organic and healthy lifestyle, Lover vows to keep the ingredients in her products free from harmful chemicals so her customers can experience skin care like no other.

Spring Renewal Sunshine (Morning skin care routine)

African Violet Cleansing Bar- Body Wash Bar ($8.00)

Rose Water Facial Toner ($10.00 launching on April 1, 2019)

Spring Renewal Moonlight (Nighttime bath time routine)

Eucalyptus Bath Bomb ($10.00)

Royal Body Butter ($12.50 8oz)

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Featured Image: Bridget A. Lover