Entrepreneur, business and brand manager, King Davis holds a bachelors in business management and a masters in sports marketing and management. Since the age of 13, he has been into entrepreneurship and marketing. His mother, Carolyn Davis not only held multiple degrees but also was a serial entrepreneur. He quit his job at Finish Line after making $120,000 in one weekend. Since then he has developed over 50+ products including a women’s shoe line, hair care products, skin care lines, and more. He is currently CEO of The VK Firm which is a full branding, business, and marketing firm. He currently manages Reemarkable (Eazy E daughter), Chef Gone Mad (Nola chef), Silk Me Kids (kids haircare/salon), and more! Recently he shared some insights with me behind his line of work.

Tell me about your women’s shoe line, hair care products, and skincare line.

I have developed numerous products for individuals ranging from fashion lines to beauty products and more. The women shoe line that I developed the prototype for was probably one of the hardest products to date. The beauty products come easily to me and I enjoy bringing clients ideas to life. When it comes to the development of beauty products, I’ve had the pleasure of developing hair care lines, cosmetic products, and even full mink eyelash lines.

What have the benefits been for you as an entrepreneur now?

I would never trade being an entrepreneur for anything else in the world. I have had the pleasure of not only living in other major cities but also the ability to freely travel. Business is complicated and competitive. I love it though and everything about everyday risk. It’s a blessing to say that I work for myself. I always tell people, being your own boss is the next best feeling in life next to being a parent. Your business is a child of yours too and I realized that at 13 years old. Many don’t know that I actually was set to open up my own shoe store at 17.  My mother had me contact Nike and other sneaker companies. She put the money up and I with her help got that all the approvals. Unfortunately, my late grandfather wouldn’t sign off on the commercial property. Instead of giving up, I went off to college and formulated another plan!

What has this journey taught you the most about yourself?

This journey has taught me preservation. My mother was my best mentor and even in her last days she told me “let nothing take you away from your goals”. I have always been a very motivated person but the last 6 years of my life has really molded me into who I am now. One thing that has played a big part in the journey is the fact that I didn’t have a job my entire undergrad and grad school. I believed in myself so decided to work for myself and through it all – I’ve learned patience, perseverance, and optimism.

What upcoming projects do you have? 

I recently did my first business mixer that was sponsored by MOET and that was a success. Because of the success of the first one, I have a second business mixer coming up that will be bigger than the last. I am also working on a new business venture with my assistant that is sure to shake up the hair industry. Outside of that, I am developing new products for clients such as a mobile application, melanin inspired bandages, and even an all natural skin care line. I’m really excited for all the events coming up this spring that involves various clients of mines. Right now I manage in both the entertainment and entrepreneurial world. On the entertainment side, I am working on some major projects for the 1st quarter with my two artists Reemarkable and Shank Da Rookie. My clients include Silk Me Kids, Reemarkable, Chef Gone Mad, Pamir Magic Mirror, Kiss My Bundles, Rich Religion Clothing, Alx Guzman Photography, Kevon Richardson Photography, DJ Nuvo, Shank Da Rookie and many more.

What services do offer clients looking to improve their brand? 

Brand management, business management, marketing, advertising, product development, web design, logo development, business plan development, trademarking and more.

King Davis is truly an inspirational icon for entrepreneurs and displays to us the importance of maximizing every opportunity & talent to create a legacy for what you love to do!

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