The 9th annual, Celebration 4 A Cause was held on December 22nd, 2016. The event was founded by Clay West under producer Polow Da Don’s nonprofit foundation F.O.C.U.S and cofounded by Mia A. Welsh. The purpose of the benefit is cancer awareness.

 The foundation, which stands for “Focusing On Completion Until Successful,” strives to promote education, interpersonal skills, networking and marketability within the community, and aims to provide assistance in these areas by way of various programs.


Eva Marcille and Clay West hosted with style

 The fashion show was hosted by Clay West and duly co hosted by Eva Marcille, kicked off angelically with violinist Angelina Sherie taking the stage and strumming the crowd with the heights of her musical talent.

 Amongst the designers was Tameka Foster Raymond who debuted her Cult de Jour line. Models also wore sunglasses from Eva’s brand new line. “I always needed sunglasses because my eyes are very sensitive,” she explains, “I wanted to take something that was a necessity for me [and make it a fashion statement].”

Tameka Foster

Tameka Foster

 Atlanta’s brightest candidate for mayor, Michael Sterling also took the stage. “I need the people in this room to make it fashionable, trendy, and sexy, to care about other people.” He went on, “Saint Augustine said ‘Hope has two children, courage and anger.’”

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