Growing up in Gordon, Georgia, Candace Burney’s family inspired her to stay active and healthy. She grew up learning that staying in the house to watch television was not an option, fresh foods were the best, and remained active by playing outside. Candace is helping to change lives by starting her own television show Living Simply with Candace to reach out to a larger audience, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Her weekly show was voted the highest rated TV show on AIB Network, and shows audience that improving your health is simply just one click away!

Sheen Magazine got the chance to speak with Candace about growing up in Gordon, Georgia, how limitations should not be a setback, and what inspired her to start Living Simply with Candace.

Sheen Magazine: What is your backstory behind wanting to help people and get them fit?

Candace Burney: I used to work in the hospital filling patient’s carts. You put the patient’s name on a box, and fill it with what was prescribed to them by the doctor. I would go weeks not changing the name on the box, which meant the patient was in the hospital that long. I then moved to the pharmacy in a store, and that’s when I could actually see the patients getting their medicine. I could see that they really needed help. I want to help people before they turn to medications, and I want people to see they can change their lifestyle. Last January, I was getting ready to go to Miami for my birthday (which is in May) and by sticking with a routine and working out, my body was healthy!

Sheen Magazine: What inspired you to live a healthy lifestyle?

Candace Burney: Growing up my mom used to have a garden and cooked the fresh fruits and vegetables. I realized that no one in my family, and I mean no one, ever got sick besides the common cold. There were no diseases, and my family has longevity. When I went to Mercer University in Macon, GA I was on the track team, I ran the 440 hurdles. So I was always active with running on the team, but when I was 11 my grandma saw that I was imbalanced, and I ended up having to get surgery for my scoliosis. I had a 45-degree curve in my spine, and my right side is ten pounds heavier than my left.

Sheen Magazine: What do you do now to ensure that your scoliosis does not cause any problems?

Candace Burney: By always preparing healthy meals and keeping myself strong, I am decreasing the chance that one side deteriorates. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t stay fit. You can’t let any limitation hold you back.

Sheen Magazine: So what are your cheat meals?

Candace Burney: No cheat meals! I love sugar (laughing)! I love cakes, pies and desserts. I’m not the type of person that’s like, ‘oh no pizza or stay away from this!’ But I eat pure cane sugar and not Splenda, because that is less healthy since it processed. I eat real butter. Eating the real thing is healthier because it will not be processed like other products people believe would be healthier for them. I will still order at restaurant when they ask if I want dessert

Sheen Magazine: What advice do you have for people trying to start a healthier lifestyle?

Candace Burney: You do not have to cut out everything at once. Just cut out soda one week, and then say I’ll increase the amount of greens I eat next week. You don’t have to run home and throw everything out!

Sheen Magazine: What inspired you to start Living Simply with Candace?

Candace Burney: As a personal trainer, it is hard to reach out to a large number of people in one hour just training one person. It is my goal for everyone to be healthier! The show is a way for me to reach out to those people and help them. It is a weekly show that contains workout videos that are 15-18 minutes long, and showing how to prepare healthy meals. People talk about how expensive it can be to get a personal trainer or they don’t know the steps to get where they want to be. Help is out there for free, and is just one click away.

Sheen Magazine: Are there any other projects that you are working on?

Candace Burney: We are working on having a workout video and a cookbook.

READERS: Living Simply With Candace airs on live stream every Tuesday on the AIB Network at 11:30 a.m. Candace and the Mac Production Team (Alvin and Maria Waters and Maurice Evans) will also post the shows on YouTube, so be sure to check it out! Follow Living Simply With Candace on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!