CandleLIT box was created by Lauren Elliott from a place of personal need after becoming a wife and mother in less than a year. It was designed with black women in mind who often don’t take the time for self care.

The CandleLIT box is a monthly subscription box of positive affirmations, holistic products, books, candles, and daily inspiration sent to help women not only focus on their families and careers but also their personal “self care.” CandleLIT box mantra is “Rediscover your magic on the regular!”

This is the perfect reminder and monthly subscription box for the working woman.

“Self care for black women is a matter of survival”
– CandleLIT Box Creator, Lauren Elliot

How was the idea birthed?

I got married on Father’s Day of 2016 and two weeks after our wedding, we found out we were going to become new parents. That brought on a lot of stress. I planned my entire wedding and had to turn around and plan a baby shower. It brought on a lot of stress with having to merge families and not planning on expanding one. I ended up having a emergency labor and it helped me focused more on my son and self care. I had to practice self care.

$40 monthly for subscription box

Beneficial for support system

Who was the box designed for?

Millenial women of color – we are predisposed to stress.

How do you feel self care is a necessity instead of a trend?

Self care has become a buzzword and it’s not a trend. It’s a matter of survival for us. Erica Garner passed away last year at 27-years-old. She was an activist and she passed away from a heart attack. We, as women have to be more conscious, more overt, and more blatant. Whether you’re in college or a mom, you can join. The monthly box is a tangible resource and reminder to take care of yourself. Subscription boxes are perfect gifts for yourself, friends, and family!


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