In the ever so thriving city of Atlanta, business women, entrepreneurs and mastermind creatives alike, joined forces to deliver at one of the most sought-after women’s conference experiences within the industry of entrepreneurship; especially for women of color.

Koereyelle DuBose has been a leading lady in entrepreneurship and lifestyle influencing for years, and was extremely proud to present her 7th Annual Werk Pray Slay conference last weekend. Through this 4-Day, self, spirit and business building opportunity, women came in from all over the country and “werked, prayed, and slayed!” The truly iconic host and Wife Coach Lakia “LB” Brandenburg held the house down, as we have seen her do many times, accompanied by jamz from female DJ sensation, DJ XO! 

On the final day, Women in business were able to experience Koereyelle’s WERKaholic’s podcast live and in action. WERKMag covergirl and Slutty Vegan CEO Pinky Cole, along with Mia Ray CEO of Glamaholic Lifestyle, Lucinda Cross Otiti Author, Marketing Coach and TEDx speaker were honored at Werk Pray Slay’s  WERKaholic toast to success!

Many iconic boss diva’s made their presence, expertise, generosity and faith known at Werk Pray Slay 2019. The vibes were perfect for growth and the welcoming of other female support, which can be uncommon in some empowerment networks we see in the mainstream outlet. This was not the place for competition or cliques, but rather an inspiring series of workshops, events, celebrations and prayer amongst like-minded women.

In alignment with Koereyelle DuBose’s brand, Werk Pray Slay offered the experience of gifting suites, pouring into and giving back to her boss-sisters even more. In addition to all the information provided to guests by this platform, the greatest takeaway was the unforgettable connections made and resources discovered through the focused, intimate time this conference allots. — Koereyelle is and has been bringing women of all success walks together to fellowship, teach and inspire more women to chase their dreams and accomplish their goals!

All image courtesy of Werk Pray Slay