One of the most enjoyable times with your girls is just sitting down, grabbing a glass of wine and chatting it up. Truly being able to have that time of fellowship amongst one another that is nothing but laughter and cheer after a long week is the best!

A new show, Chic Chat is sure to give you that same feeling, premiering on Saturday, December 16th on CBS. Chic Chat provides a platform for women that is diverse, highlighting topics such as family, lifestyle, all the latest trendy topics and a whole lot of wisdom! The show’s host include Emmy Award Winning journalist Cathleen Trigg-Jones and Love & Hip Hop‘s very own, Karen King. Both women extraordinary in their own right ensure the essence of the show is authentic, reminding us that, no two situations are the same. Also, as women we can all connect, learn and grow together. Chic Chat is sure to take you on a journey to digging deeper to discover your calling in life.

Check out this awesome seek peek now!

Tune in to this phenomenal show Saturday, December 16th at 12:00 PM EST on CBS ATL. Be sure to check your local listings now.

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