It’s no secret brows and lashes are the main concerns with women in 2019 for a flawless face! The right pair of lashes can take you from “blah” to “boom!”

The perfect pair of lashes will frame your eyes but give them a pop! I don’t mean the overly long and dramatic lashes unless that’s what you desire, but the perfect set that gives your eyes a natural pop without overpowering your look. We all have makeup bags full of falsies, old lashes, and beauty supply lashes; but when you need something specific, that will give you the boost you need, then you may want to find your perfect lash style. SHEEN is highlighting a new, black-owned brand “Caurel Beauty” which has been recently spotted on celebrities such as Skyy “Black Ink,” Charmaine Johnson “Black Ink Chi,” Tami Roman (Actress), Toya Wright (Entrepreneur), and many more of your favorites are hooked!

Celebrity MUA Chante of Los Angeles debuted her new line just last month. Check them out below:

Caurel Beauty – based in Los Angeles, California




This lash line is owned by celebrity MUA, Chante