Earth Day celebrates its 47th year this Saturday, April 22nd, and it has come a long way since it’s creation in 1970 with over 200 million people celebrating all around the world. Earth Day was first conceived by the United States as a means to become more environmentally conscious of the damages that communities and industries were causing to their habitat. As an continuation of the counterculture movements of the decade, young people and consumers were becoming aware of the toxins (leaded gas, sludge, air pollution) that were invading their homes and daily environments and today we have in place laws like the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Act. Out of this holiday, an eco-conscious generation that has become more keen on issues like climate change, recycling, dietary preferences, and preserving natural habitats.

Before you spend your Saturday outside helping out at a community garden collective, visiting a National Park, or learning about sustainable living at IKEA, we’ve rounded up some our favorite eco-friendly beauty and fashion picks, as well as tips on how to live a little greener without doing much!

H&M ‘Conscious Exclusive’ 2017 line, released this spring, will feature evening worthy picks like gowns, blouses, and quite unique mules, all from recycled or sustainable fabrics. It is a new move from the Swedish retailer to bring affordable, eco-friendly picks that everyone can shop and wear for any occasion, even the most prestigious ones.

Left to Right: Tulle Dress $249, Silk-blend Jacket $149, Lyocell-blend Tiered Dress $79.99

VEJA. An ecological and fair trade brand of shoes and accessories that works with producers in Brazil and France made of organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, and vegetable-tanned leather. You can shop straight from their online store similar designs that have been making rounds on the street style blogs and are all-around great comfort picks, they even have roller sneakers!


Monk Oil.  Best friends Katie Ryan Roth and Monika Stanislawek, concocted this potion in Brooklyn as an answer to the malodor and stress of the city. It hydrates, softens, and lingers on your body a scent that will have all your coworkers and even the bystanders asking for a sample. Each scent is made with a unique combination of organic and essential oils like cedar, lavender, apricot, avocado, rose and even a complimentary crystal quartz in each bottle. Prices start at $24 on the Monk Oil site.

Ginger + Liz. A toxin-free and vegan-friendly nail beauty brand free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor or DBP created by friends, Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett after they realized they were having adverse reactions to the nail polishes they were using. You don’t even have to go far for a bottle, they’re available at your local ULTA Beauty store for $12.

Left to Right: Turn It Up, Best I’ve Ever Had, The Good Life

Natural Deodorant. Recently (thanks to the Internet), we have all become more self-aware of the food we ingest, the water we drink, and chemicals in the products we use daily. Perhaps reading up a little too much on how aluminum, a popular ingredient in our deodorants, has been mentioned as a cause for Alzheimer’s Disease. However, natural deodorants have been a tricky product for most users ready to switch since it reacts and works with our bodies in different ways. We’ve included Primal Pit Paste, Schmidt’s Natural, and Lavanila, as some the top choices among natural-deo reviewers.

Left to Right: Schmidt’s Natural Deoderant Lavender + Sage $8.99, Primal Pit Paste Lavendar $8.95, Lavanila Pure Vanilla $14

Shower Plants. I know what you’re thinking, plants? In the shower? Though you may not have a lot of room to work with, plants in your bathroom will transform your space and also provided added benefits to you and the environment. According to the Pin Pick Home Work Report for 2017, “Plants help clean the air and eliminate bacteria, which makes them perfect for bathrooms. A shower plant ensures serene showers, and you’ll never have to remember to water.” If you can make it happen, it’ll be like having your own personal spa, just check out what some Instagram users have done with their spaces.

Deze plaatsen we even in het Nederlands (English summary below): woon-o-loog Victor Meuwissen schreef op Dit is mijn Thuis een leuke blog over badkamerplanten. De link naar dit artikel (en andere leuke bijdragen over Woonstyling) staat in de bio! English: Our good friend, interior-stylist and all round design specialist Victor Meuwissen wrote a blog about bathroom plants. Sadly, the text is in Dutch. If you want to have a look at this article (and other interior styling content) anyway: the link is in the bio! #bathroomdesign #bathroomdecor #bathroomplants #bathroomplant #badkamerplant #badkamerplanten #badkamer #blog #ditismijnthuis #interiorstyling #woonstyling #groen #green #planten #plant #plants #groenevingers #zoekdezeep #collage #content

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