It’s a given that celebrity photographer captiaves us all through all the beautiful images he captures but now in a new way, Anderson is providing us with a sexy, cultural adventure! CLEO Tv’s newest series, Lens of Culture allows viewers to follow along the journey of Elton Anderson and his co-host Tai Beauchamp as they take on new destinations around the world. We caught up with the talented star to discuss his experience in this new project and his love for telling stories through his lens.

Tell us about Lens of Culture.

Lens of Culture is an amazing new travel show co-hosted by me and the wonderful Tai Beauchamp. The purpose is really to show travel both domestic and international through the eyes of millennials, especially those that are black. We really want to take our audience on a trip to places they may be familiar with. We just want to show them a different side to it and pour into by talking to black businesses, engage with black influencers, and show a city from the perspective of young, fun black people.

photo by Erik Umphery

Could you describe what it was like traveling the world for this special project?

It was one of the most life-changing experiences for me. I don’t really have a background in front of the camera. I’m classified as a photographer so to be able to share my passion and love for travel while having to be in front of the camera was a great experience. The people that I worked with made it a very comfortable experience. Our production company Powerhouse Productions was amazing. I described it traveling with Tai Beauchamp as”playing basketball with LeBron James everyday” (laughs) because she is an expert at it. She truly brought out the best in me while we’re on camera. The experience was great! The travel itself was beyond a scope of what I could imagine. 

photo by Erik Umphery

Do you have a favorite place that you’ve visit that you could tell us about?

Favorite destination on the show would have to be Ghana. It was my first time going there and the people there were so welcoming. It was one of those experiences where you know you will become a different person after visiting. We got there and happened to be the 400 year return, I mean how lucky were we to be apart of that? The food was great, we tried all types of traditional food and were able to take a few cooking classes. I have to say Ghana (laughs) but I feel great saying it!

How would you describe your love for telling stories through photos?

My love for telling stories has risen over the last ten years. Initially, I wasn’t even a photographer or traveler. I was in corporate America, working a nine to five but I had this desire to see the world. I never in a million years thought I would be hosting a travel show, let alone become a full-time photographer! I want to be able to speak to the person that I was, the person that sat behind a desk that was scared to travel and didn’t know where to go. Through travel, I want to be able to take people on the trips with me through photos, social media, and Lens of Culture. I just want to change the narrative. I try to go to countries that people of color typically don’t go to. Every year for my birthday I try to have 30 of my friends go to different locations like Bali or Brazil. We take pictures, dress up, and those tend to go viral. I think it’s the love and the unity behind those pictures that really shape and change the narrative of black travel.

photo by Jeffery Smith

Are there any upcoming projects you could give us insight into?

Yes! I’m really excited about starting my YouTube channel. I’m starting a series on the channel called Month to Month and in the next year, I’ll be living in my favorite countries to promote deeper travel, wellness, and adventure! Super excited about that and to take you all on the journey with me.

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Featured Image by Jeffery Smith | All images courtesy of CLEO TV