The entertainment industry is forever changing when it comes to fashion, beauty, and style; having a top-notch hair stylist on hand who can keep up with the trend or create an amazing look for you is a major plus. U.S. Army Veteran Selena Britton known to many as “Sew” has worked in the hair industry for years, and after mastering her skills in Cosmetology at Paul Mitchell The School Honolulu, she set out to fuel her passion for helping the everyday woman feel beautiful.

Sew set her sights back to her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama to build up her brand and to be closer to family. Tragically, a few short months after returning home, Sew’s number one supporter and beloved mother unexpectedly passed away. That moment changed her life forever and caused her to work harder. The very foundation of her skills came from her mother; through her, she had learned a variety of hair-styling techniques. Today Sew uses the energy of her pain and the promise she made to her mother to forever work hard, build a reputable brand, provide quality products and build a legacy for her younger sister.

Over the course of being in Hawaii and now back in Montgomery, Sew has had the opportunity to fill her resume with servicing celebrity clientele, landing video shoot jobs of prominent music industry artists and also teaching hair seminars of various sew-in and wig making techniques all over the United States. Sew’s mantra is that a woman’s hair is her “Crown and Glory”. Hence, her most sought-after custom wig line labeled Custom Crowns. She believes every woman’s hair is a direct reflection of how she feels. When your hair is beautiful you feel beautiful!

What sparked your passion for the field of Cosmetology?

As a little girl, I remember being at my grandma’s house with my dolls and trying my best to mimic how my mom would braid my hair. I had taught myself how to cornrow and at that moment I knew that’s what I was born to do. The feeling of accomplishment and being like my mother was the best feeling ever!

You are a military vet, was it easy toggling your duties to the military while in pursuit of your dreams as a beautician?

It definitely wasn’t easy. While being in the military your day starts at 0600 and you don’t have a clue when you’ll be off some days. You literally work until the job is completed. On top of working full-time, I took clients after work and on the weekends. It was hard on my body and personal life but it was my passion and what fueled me every day.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty to me is having confidence! When I see a woman that exudes confidence it screams beauty to me.

What are three top things every woman should practice when it comes to proper hair care?

Every woman should ensure they’re keeping their natural tresses clean and moisturized, ends clipped and investing in satin scarfs and pillowcases. Those are my basic fundamentals of hair care.

Tell me about your business Custom Crowns.

Custom Crowns is a custom wig line that I developed for the everyday woman. From the avid wig wearer that loves to constantly change her look, to beginner feeling her way through the wig world, down to the young lady needing an affordable option in between sew-ins and lastly the cancer survivor looking to regain her confidence! I named the line Custom Crowns because our hair is our Crown and Glory! Knowing we look good is therapy to the soul.

What is the proper way to prep your hair for wearing wigs/lace fronts to prevent hair loss around the edges?

The first step is always clean hair. Make sure hair is freshly shampooed and conditioned. Next, a proper braid down and what our hair artist calls a “cap meltdown” to ensure the clients’ edges are free and out of the way for an adhesive application. Also, a proper takedown is key as well! Making sure a hair professional is knowledgeable on the entire application process ensures a successful install and healthy edges still intact during a takedown.

What have you learned most about yourself on this journey as an Entrepreneur?

I’ve learned to embrace and enjoy the journey! The ups and downs are all a part of your testimony.

What’s next for you?

Expanding the Custom Crown line, touring, teaching and mentoring fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs. Opening an upscale wig boutique in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama catering to all ladies with a plethora of haircare needs is also one of my long-term goals!

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Photo Credit: Calvin Howard