Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble has slayed the hair of the top starlettes in Hollywood and last night she slayed the hair of the queen of primetime TV Taraji P. Henson aka “Cookie” from Empire. Kimble talks about her inspiration for both looks and products she used to achieve it.

What inspired both hairstyles?

For the red carpet, I talked about it with her team – wardrobe and makeup, we were trying to come up with something. I decided I wanted to do something kinda wet, I was inspired by wet-looking hair. I thought the hair went great with the outfit she wore for the red carpet, but then she had a different outfit for the actual presenting. I wanted her to have something a little different than that. The first one was inspired by when she did the Diana Ross inspired cover for ‘W‘ [magazine] and her hair was kinda wet on there and I thought ‘wow she looks so incredibly sexy and beautiful and effortless,’ and you know at the Emmys how the people are uptight, I wanted something more relaxed, sexy and pretty.

The gown that she was wearing for her presentation, I was inspired by Scarface. I love Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface; with the bangs, the bob – it was a little longer, more 70s. The hair was a modern version of that. When you think of “Cookie,” they’re a gangsta family, so it was kind of a “Cookie” moment (laughs). Cookie is running television right now, Empire is one of the biggest shows out there and I definitely wanted to pay homage to that female gangsta hair. But it’s also chic and fashionable. I’ve seen Taraji do a bob before but I wanted her to do a bob that had a bang. Bangs are really in for me right now, I’ve been doing a lot of them, so I’ve never really done that on Taraji and I thought it would be an interesting look… Especially with the dress. I think it was very chic, fashionable and simple – because she’s such a beautiful woman it doesn’t take a lot to make her look great.

What products did you use to achieve these looks?

A couple of things, for the wet look I went in with some conditioner, let it dry and it was a wavy texture. Then, I went in with a curling wand, GHD product, they have a new iron that’s like a curling wand and can also go flat. Because it’s flat, it makes the hair look wavy-wet, beachy you know? It creates a beautiful wave, then I went in and defined some of the waves, I knew it would dry by the time she got to where she had to go, so I wanted her to still have that wet look. Then I went in with some Kimble Beauty curls, and separated the curls with the gel to make the curls look wet and beachy. The second look, I also used the GHD flat iron and flat ironed the hair bone straight.

How long did it take to service out the styles?

I didn’t have much time, a little less than thirty minutes (laughs), I didn’t have much time to change but it had to be quick. I was really determined, because she had to do a change. I had these two looks and couldn’t really choose, I thought one looked better with the dress. I think the bob was appropriate for that dress and the wet look was appropriate because she was showing skin, had on a thin strap, nice yellow dress. We liked both looks, but they both worked with different outfits. We had to make the change happen, she wanted it and it worked out. It looked great.

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