Just in the time for the holidays, hairstylist to the stars Nicky B (her clients include Insecure’s Yvonne Orji, Luke Cage’s Simone Missick, and celebrity stylist, June Ambrose, to name a few) let us scroll through her Instagram (of hair gold) to choose some of her most standout styles to recreate. Get all the details, tricks, and tools for perfecting these Instagram-worthy looks, just in time for the holiday season.

Center-Part Sleek-Puffed Hairstyle

Styled on June Ambrose, Celebrity Stylist

How to Achieve the Hairstyle: June Ambrose‘s hairstyle was created by just blow-drying out her hair using actually some “pre-products.” My go-to products are Crème of Nature or Carol’s Daughter Pracaxi Nectar, it’s their straight blow-dry crème, it’s an amazing heat-protectant for any type of hair, whether you’re relaxed or natural. I like to use that before blow drying. In regards to June’s hair, I just flat ironed her hair after I used the heat protectant, and blow dried—flat ironed in the direction I’m going to style the hair—and I just used a couple of textured clip ins to add in the back and just teased it to have a fuller look.

Tips & Tricks:

  • It was actually two ponytails—in the back—that’s the trick behind it, and then I just add clip-ins around it and then I teased it—and a couple of bobby pins where it actually looks like it’s just one big ponytail in the back.
  • Clip-ins are such a great way of doing a quick hairstyle and just changing a look within seconds, where you don’t have to worry about doing a full installment.
  • I try not to use too many greasy products or too-water-based products/ gels, because—especially if it’s a natural client, then that can revert their hair back to its natural state.
  • My trick: using [this] holding spray, and a little pomade, and using the blow dryer to kind of mold the hair to [achieve] that sleekness that you see June has.

Fishtail Pony

Styled on actress, Amanda Seales for Essence Street Style

How to Achieve the Hairstyle: I blow dried her hair, used the heat-protectant—the same products that I mentioned previously, and for this hairstyle I just sleeked her hair up into a really tight ponytail, and I used Ampro styling gel—for her I used clear, because I wanted for you to still be able to see her hair color. I wrapped it, allowed it to dry…for the braids, they were actually two fishtail braids and I used synthetic braiding hair, like Kankelon synthetic hair, to achieve that look. I attached it to her hair and I just did two braids coming down. Then I sealed it with a clear rubber band, and I believe I added some gold wire to just make it more fun, and have a little bit more detail. It doesn’t have to be two fishtails, it can be two regular braids because fishtails are a little bit more detailed.

Tips & Tricks:

I always recommend using clear gel, especially when clients have color.

I like to use clear rubber bands, because, once again, you can’t see it.

After I did the sleek ponytail and added the gel, I used wrapping strips and allowed it to dry underneath the hooded dryer for, like, about 15 minutes or so, and then I removed it, and then continued to style the ponytail section. Using the wrapping paper just helps to keep it flatter, to give it a more finished look at the end.

Twisted Low Knot

Instagram | Styled on model, Malika | Instagram |

How to Achieve the Hairstyle: She is a natural hair client, so her hair is really curly. So once again, I washed it, blow dried, added heat protectant, and then I’m able to flat iron it, and then create that sleek ponytail—pull it back into a bun. I braided the client’s hair, wrapped it around, used maybe one or two pins at the beginning of adding the extensions … And then I used an edge control [on the added hair]—for her, I kind of used a wavy-type-body-wave- texture of hair. After I pinned in the ponytail, I twisted it into a tight knot, then wrapped it around, and placed pins—you know, you style it how you like it.

Tips & Tricks:

Some of my favorite edge controls are HicksCrème of Nature has a great edge control, and Mielle.

For the everyday woman, when you’re doing a ponytail like that, where it’s not hanging, there are so many different [types of] hairs out now that you can get a ponytail for $10; it doesn’t have to be something expensive. They have a pack where its $20 and you can get 5 different bundles in a pack, which are great for these types of ponytails… where you’re not gonna wear it every day for a long period of time.

If you’re doing a sleek look—not to use so much edge control. If you use very, very little and then wrap your hair down—until you’re ready to go out—with like, a silk scarf or the wrapping strips that I mentioned, maybe while you’re doing your makeup, or you’re getting dressed, and then right before you head out you can take the strip, or the head tie off. A lot of women feel like you have to use pounds and pounds of edge control…and I feel like that’s what’s causing the buildup of having that white residue, or its reverting your hair texture back—especially if you’re a natural girl that wants a sleek look.

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All photos courtesy of Nicky B