Join us as we get to know the founder of Celfie Cosmetics, Nicole Harding. Celfie Cosmetics is not your normal beauty brand. The cosmetics line offers products that were made specifically to empower people through the power of makeup! In this exclusive interview, we got to know Harding and got the inside scoop on the beauty brand that has quickly become everyone’s go to. The brand is quickly rising to the top and has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get into the world of beauty?

My name is Nicole Harding, I’m the CEO of Celfie Cosmetics. I started the brand about three years ago. Before then, I was actually a recording artist. I was a female rapper for many years. I transitioned from music to makeup three years ago and it’s been an amazing transition. I went from a brand that was just like an e-commers brand, where we just had the website, now we’re in 19 stores in Kenya, two stores in South Sudan, and I could go on and on (laughs).

Do you mind giving us insight on the idea behind starting Celfie Cosmetics?

I wanted to create a brand that not only provides amazing beauty products but also empowers women to love who they are. Whether it’s wearing makeup or not, just to have that self confidence, and truly love themselves. That was the thought process behind starting Celfie.

Celfie Cosmetics is sold in 19 stores in Kenya, Africa. What inspired you to want to make your products available outside of the United States?

We’re in Kenya, South Sudan, one store in Uganda, one in Tanzania. We’re currently working on South Africa and Nigeria. We’re in two stores in Sweden, the London Beauty School in London. Someone actually reached out to us! Celfie Cosmetics creates collections for reality stars and Miss. America and Miss. Universe contestants. Miss. Universe Kenya is my business partner. There is also, Claudia Jordan  from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Laura Govan from Basketball Wives, Demetria McKinney from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, and many more! Africa had their eyes on us because they saw that we were partners with Miss. Universe Kenya.

Can you tell us about your best selling products?

Currently, our best selling product is Celfie Light, our matte lipsticks as well as our matte and glossy lip glosses, they actually have light and mirrors built into the packaging. Also, our shade collection, eyeshadow glitter palette with Claudia Jordan. Those are some of our best sellers at the moment.

What is next for Nicole and Celfie Cosmetics?

We’re actually leaving for Dubai on Mother’s Day for Beauty in Dubai which we will do live activations and to pitch things together for different stores there. The next step is to head to Kenya to do some live activations in July. Overall, we want to make this brand the next MAC cosmetics, making it a premier makeup brand for all makeup lovers globally. We are still working on our global expansion so we are looking to be in all countries. We’re close to sign Miss. Universe Jamaica which is near and dear to my heart because my heritage is Jamaican. We’re just focused on expanding, we want to offer foundations, concealers, lashes, mascara, all within this year.

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