Arnita Johnson-Hall’s vision is revolutionary not only because it improves the lives of others, but because it teaches them that their alternate reality is just within arm’s reach. She and her team help their clients meet the challenge of big banks and bureaus without being intimidated through Luxurious Credit tips and products. Luxurious Credit restores bad credit and mismanaged finances, for the client to become credible again. Through Luxurious Credit’s quality programs and products, clients can successfully reach their financial goals and sustain buying power. By spreading and sharing financial knowledge, education, and information, Arnita pay’s it forward.

Can you tell us about yourself and what lead you began this journey?

Oh wow! Well, I was a single mother on government assistance, with bad credit due to my circumstances; sometimes life, sometimes ignorance. Bad credit just didn’t benefit my lifestyle whatsoever and just made life a lot more difficult then what it should have been. I found out that there was a dying desire to educate people such as myself on the importance of how much credit and finances play on everyday life when I began to educate myself on how to repair and manage my credit and finances. I was denied almost a six-figure job due to having bad credit. I had never heard of a credit check or things to that nature so when I didn’t pass, it truly let me know how serious it is to have good credit and lead me to start my own business. There wasn’t a job at that pay scale that would allow me to work without passing a credit check. Therefore, I was determined to create my own way and I had no idea that it would truly turn into this. I’ve been in business as a consumer advocate for over 11 years and it has been a pleasure for me to help day to day people be able to live a luxurious lifestyle with their healthy credit and finances.

What were the challenges to gain your clients trust being new to the credit repair business?

Well the first thing I did, was to respect my business as a corporation and not as a hustle; no matter how small it was. I found that once I started to incorporate my business that way, others had no choice but to respect it because of the way I was doing my own practices. This action kind of intrigued people to know that a business of this nature could be ran by a woman. One of the things that truly helped me early on in my business was to be as professional as possible, to have quality customer service, understand my target market and just truly treat my business as a corporation. Also, especially dealing with people’s credit and finances, it was vital for me to prove myself early on. Being an entrepreneur or a business owner, some people can be very prideful and feel like, hey I don’t want to prove anything to anybody, I know that I can do it, but in those early stages, you must build trust in people. Especially when you are taking on someone’s credit, social security numbers and not just that, but their money in general. Those are just things I learned early on in this business.

Can you tell us about the collaboration between yourself & Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers?

Claire Sulmers is an amazing beautiful woman that I first heard about from her Fashion Bomb Daily brand; which is huge! I’ve followed her work for some time now. We were able to network a little when we were on a panel together last year. After the discussion, she gave me a copy of her book, which I read that next day on my flight. I was both intrigued and impressed with her transparency about how she sacrificed her credit to start her business. I asked my brand manager, Tunisha, to reach out to her about becoming a brand ambassador for Luxurious Credit. Claire agreed to come on board and I was just extremely excited about that opportunity to truly come to pass! This is something that I’m really looking forward to because I love women that are successful who are not afraid to share their pitfalls with women who are building their lives up. I think there are times when we become the successor in business and we’ve achieved a lot of things that the women behind us feel that maybe we may be the exception to the rule. So, for a woman like Claire to tell her story, was very intriguing and why I choose to collaborate with her as a brand ambassador for Luxurious Credit.

What would you really like for people to take from the information that you are providing regarding the credit and money management?

Today, I’ve been able to assist hundreds of thousands of people to take care of their credit. Basically, one of the biggest things for me is teaching them the importance of credit awareness and allowing them to understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Consumer Laws which are in place for them. The average consumer has no idea that there are laws that prevent the Credit Bureaus, Collection Agencies, and creditors from reporting inaccurate information on their credit report. If they do, they have the right to request this information either be removed or corrected. This law has been on the books for decades and people aren’t familiar with it even today. Another thing is, I wanted to make learning about credit and finances fun, relatable, trendy, yet educational. One thing when you talk about money, it either becomes the elephant where no one wants to talk about it or it makes you uncomfortable just because you don’t know anything about it. My desire is to continue to bring people who look, think and talk like Claire together. To say, “I have been through these exact same things too and this is what I did to overcome these financial issues through Luxurious Credit.” My desire is to share some resources that they can go to so that they can start practicing these habits to live a healthier credit lifestyle and cater to gaining generational wealth. These actions will help our economy and our society. Therefore I created a resource where people can come to be engaged, have fun, as well as learn how they can improve their lives, credit and financial life.

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