When it comes to shopping for clothes, many of us have a pretty good idea of what looks good and makes us feel good about ourselves, but finding a skincare fit isn’t always that simple. With so many options on the market, it’s a little tricky finding the right product for your daily skincare regimen. 

CEO, Bella Rose is a loving wife & mother creating Bella Rose Passion™ who started the creation of her brand in her kitchen with a goal to give consumers better products that contained natural ingredients!

Using the knowledge of the benefits of natural ingredients that she learned over the years. Bella began to formulate products that addressed the needs of her dry skincare needs.  

NO petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicones; Bella Rose Passion™ products use the healing properties found in natural & organic ingredients to nourish and replenish moisture from inside out.  

Over the years, Bella Rose Passion™ has flourished to become one of the fastest-growing and most influential beauty brands in the world. The line is currently available at Walmart, Beauty Master Beauty Supply, Whole foods and now will be available in Macy’s in August!

What made you start your brand?

I started my brand because I saw the need for my products. I started making natural lip products to enhance and create healthy lips, which then shifted into a full all-natural skincare line.

What product is your best seller and what are the health benefits of it for the hair?

My Unicorn Shea Butter collection is the top seller! Some key benefits are Bacteria Fighting Healing Moisture, which does much more than give you TRUE moisture, it keeps your skin looking young…like it should! It comforts irritated skin, deeply moisturizes dry cracked skin, hydrates chapped lips, soothes dry irritated scalp, conditions hair, protects hair from heat, softens skin and hair.

What has been the most rewarding part of being in business for yourself?

The most rewarding part about being an entrepreneur is when I can look back from 2013 as this was all just an insert in my notebook to see it flourish, and share the journey with my family.

What upcoming events do you have?

Bella Rose Passion will launch in Macy’s Lenox Mall Beauty Department in August 2019!

What are some of the natural ingredients offered in your products?

Vitamins A & E, and Raw Shea butter

Where can your product line be purchased?

Bella Rose Passion is currently sold on, and at Macy’s in Lenox Mall, Atlanta Georgia. Most Beauty Supply Stores in Georgia carry the brand and it’s always available on


Register now to attend and enjoy Bella Rose Passion on August 10, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia at Macy’s Beauty Department at Lenox Mall. Click here for more information.




All images provided by Bella Rose