Andrionna Williams is the founder and CEO of Curvy Gurl Enterprises. When Williams noticed that there was a gap in the business world that celebrates the plus-size community, she took it upon herself to make a change! The Curvy Gurl Collection itself stands for so much more than you may think. It is a couture line, designed and hand-sewn that make all the garments to fit you, personally. We wanted to dig deep and learn about Adrionna’s mission to help other women feel comfortable in their skin! In this exclusive interview, Adrionna Williams opens up about her personal mission and what you can expect to see from Curvy Gurl Enterprises in the future.

Tell us about yourself. What inspired you to find Curvy Gurl Enterprises?

Well, my name is Adrionna Williams, the CEO of Curvy Girl. Curvy Gurl is a movement. We also have a plus-size Curvy Gurl line. What inspired me to do so is because I am a plus-size woman myself. You get tired of trying to find clothes for special engagements or even work without it having ugly patterns or looking like a tablecloth. I felt like if I had this problem with finding beautiful clothes, then someone else did as well so we started the Curvy Gurl Collection.

Why have you made it your personal mission to change the outlook on plus-size women?

First and foremost, sexy does not have a size. It’s not the weight that defines you, character does. No one should be looked down upon because of their weight. No one should be overlooked because of their weight. None of that should take place at all. It’s my mission to keep going with this movement because we want plus-size women to realize that they’re beautiful and they have to be comfortable and confident in the skin that they’re in. 

Are there any upcoming projects you could give us insight into?

On October 24th, we will be in Birmingham, Alabama for the Classic. We have the Fall into Fall Fashion Show at Macy’s (our clothes are in Macy’s) coming up at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia on October 26th.  We have quite a bit, we have the Essence Fashion Show, it will be our second annual in July. You name it, our calendar is pretty full. We just finished New York Fashion Week so we’re preparing for Milan. We’re preparing for New York Fashion Week again in February.

Where do you hope to see your and Curvy Gurl Enterprises in the future?

In the future, we have so much coming up! Right now, we’re doing the Curvy Gurl Takeover. We have that coming up on October 19th and afterwards we’re doing a tour. The tour will include curvy women on the pole. It’s pole dancing for curvy gurls and that is being instructed by none other than Royale, the Curvy Queen. She has several million impressions, been seen on different media outlets, this is what she does! We’re basically bringing Curvy Gurl to several different levels. I hope that curvy women that are scared or not confident will see that they can do it for fun as well. We want you to walk in a certain way but when you leave, we want you to have confidence and embrace your curves.

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All images by Djuan Williams