Going into business for yourself can be very risky and sometimes even intimidating, however, with intelligence and courage, it can be the best decision you ever make.

After 20 years of working in the television industry, Tracy Wright decided to make her side hustle of consulting into a full-time position. “I was consulting on the side, but I realized I couldn’t work with clients and do the same thing,” she says. Now, she has embarked on her 10th year of being the CEO of Wright Consultant LLC.

Throughout her career, she has amassed various successful relationships with prominent people, particularly in the sports industry. Though, Tracy never worked in sports, it was her background in TV that opened the door to that field. “I kind of fell into sports,” she says. “I was given the opportunity to work with SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) and I was able to produce their TV show called SWAC in Motion, which highlighted sports activity throughout schools in the SWAC. I am very fortunate to say that the pro bowlers and hall of famers are my friends.”

Through her opportunity with SWAC and freelancing for ESPN for seven years, Tracy made sure to use her platform to provide opportunities for HBCUs. “I’m a proud product of a HBCU. I graduated from South Carolina State University and in between some of the work I’ve done, I’ve had a chance to work with HBCUs,” she says.

Tracy was the Director of Marketing and Corporate Sponsorship for SWAC and last year they launched the inaugural Celebration Bowl, which is a bowl game for HBCUs. “It’s important to me to work within that realm and show corporate America and clients that we are exceptional people. There’s no sub-par education. South Carolina State groomed me to get where I am today. I have a lot of students that have graduated from HBCUs that I’ve hired and I do all that to build and pay it forward,” she says.

For people who are interested in starting a consulting firm, Tracy emphasizes that networking and trust are two major keys that will determine your success. For more info, visit