Aside from brands like Christian Siriano, Vetements, and Off White, the fashion industry can sometimes present itself in a less diverse way. It’s no secret that cookie cutter models are tedious, dated, and lackluster. So why are they so commonly praised and seen in mainstream media?

Seeing models that stray from the status quo is refreshing, authentic, and truly inspirational. When we see diverse models spotlighted in magazines, brand campaigns, and on runways it feels like for a brief moment the fashion industry understands that the world is different, and that there is no “norm” “or standard” for what beauty looks like. Many models have proven to be stimulants in the inclusion issue that is talked about so much today, although yielding insufficient numbers in improvement. While starting nationwide conversations about uniqueness, and forcing us to question the ideas and limitations on what it means to be beautiful, these models have been doing a whole lot more for the fashion industry than just taking pretty pictures.

Models like Winnie Harlow for example, who is praised for her striking features and symmetrical vitiligo, and Mekhi Alante Lucky, who has heterochromia causes him to have one brown eye and one blue eye that accentuate his amazing cheekbones make his face more high fashion than so many models to come before him, and probably after him for that matter. Shaun Ross, Ralph Souffrant, and albino twins Lara and Mara Bawar are also instances of individuals who have embraced their physical characteristics and whose unusual characteristics make them distinctive, stunning, and strikingly unforgettable in the fashion industry.

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