Founder and world renowned leader to young women everywhere, Yvette Thompson knows the importance of impacting the lives of youth. Constantly finding innovative ways to engage with the women, Thompson works daily to ensure each girl feels loved and is self efficient. Giving insight to how valuable our time can spent with women in their youth, Yvette candidly shares with Sheen.

What began your passion to help others, in particular young women?

My passion is seeing the look on young girls faces when you make them feel wanted and give them opportunities in life that they always dreamed about. I was one of those young ladies before, lost and didn’t know the exact direction I wanted to go in. Let alone I didn’t believe in myself and didn’t have the courage to step out on faith. It took me losing my grandmother to realize that I was able to be all that I ever dreamt of and more since 2012 I’ve been nonstop.

What issues young women face in today’s society?

Mental health illness, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, and focusing on self-only with social media exposing so many varieties of lifestyles it confuses young ladies on their own self-identity. Everyone wants to be like this girl and that girl. We have to let young girls know who they really are and the storms they fight daily. They see perfection and they want the same. Not knowing what really goes on behind closed doors, there’s a difference between fantasy and reality.

How has your organization created a community and helped the young women?

It has created a safe landing, trust, consistency, and a place where girls know the help will be done and not voided. It’s nothing like having someone you can come to when you are in time of need for daily life struggles. Especially, when you aren’t being judged or looked at different because of your situation. They can gain peace and a place for their children at my daycare center where most of the girls have their children enrolled at. Also, obtain a job at the center as well or volunteer hours.

Do you feel as though you are being the person you needed when you were younger?

Yes, most definitely! It was hard to have a mentor that actually cared and didn’t give up on you. Let alone knowing I was able to get the proper knowledge to become an adult. Hiding truth from children isn’t cool. Showing them the truth will help them grow stronger and not be afraid to step out on faith, breaking cycles in our family history should be an option in life itself.

How can others become involved in your organization?

We have updated our website recently. We have an option for young girls to be able to chat live with an mentor whenever they need to vent and speak to someone they don’t know. We have Fadia Girl Blog where your girls in the program will blog about different topics. Not to mention we will soon go live a group sessions on certain everyday topics.

What is next for you?

I would like to start my own all girls charter school in the near future. Hopefully, soon we will be able to obtain grant funding and have some consistent individuals that are willing to donate monthly or quarterly, or become a sponsor. I’m still funding everything out of my pocket for almost 6 years. Sometimes it’s rough but, I have to keep on going because these girls need me. If I stop they won’t have anyone else to turn to. So, networking and giving the girls more opportunities is my main focus always.

(Photo Credit: Herb Bias)

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