Want to try the latest DIY trend, but lack the time and patience to concoct your own brew? SHEEN tried Curaprox Black Is White activated carbon/charcoal toothpaste!

Don’t be fooled by the black hue. Activated charcoal can pack a powerful punch in the whitening department. This ready-made solution comes with an added bonus! It tastes lemony! In comparison to most DIY charcoal toothpastes, which leave your mouth with a bitter or salty taste depending on the ingredients, this is a major upgrade. With a special Curaprox toothbrush included, this is a speedy solution to your teeth whitening needs.

Did this toothpaste really perform?
Yes, it did! Use this products sparingly. We wouldn’t recommend this for your daily routine as  the product suggests, but do advise that you use this once or twice a week. In my experience, daily use can lead to some discoloration. The set might seem steeply priced, but it is a Swiss made product. You can always look to your local drug store for an alternative. Other brands range from $6 to $20+. Black Is White used as an addition to your dental routine is ideal. Nothing can replace the always reliable, fluoride rich toothpaste we’ve grown to love.

Shop Curaprox Black Is White, $29.99