Charis Jones is a woman you need to familiarize yourself with it if you are’t already. Jones is a millenial wife with twins who made her accessories brand, Sassy Jones Boutique into an ultimate powerhouse. With a mission to help others gain confidence, there just is no other business like hers. Check out our exclusive interview with Charis as she discusses the inspiration behind creating her brand and what owning a miniority-owned business.

Tell us about yourself! What inspired the creation of your company Sassy Jones Boutique?

Well, my name is Charis Jones and I am the owner of Sassy Jones. We are an award-winning accessories brand who sells confidence! We started about six years ago and I have been a full-time entrepreneur for three. I was continuously fired from good jobs (laughs), I was so frustrated. I realized collectively that I just wanted to do things my way, I didn’t want to follow rules, I was an entire rebel, and I didn’t know what it meant at the time, I just thought I was a failure.

I began to understand that I just didn’t belong and should stop trying to fit in. All of those things led me to simply do my own thing.

One day, I was commuting to work and I heard this radio commercial to set up a booth at a trade show. I was terrified because well-known brands were going to be there, I questioned who I was. I did the best I could and on that day, we were styling women. It was such an important day for the brand because I learned two things. I realized that I could make enough money in a day to leave my job and the second was that I helped women change the way they see themselves. I heard things like “I don’t think I’m pretty enough to wear a necklace that close to my face” or “I don’t think I can pull it off.” As I styled them through it, I became attracted to that life. That small transformation made me want to do more of it. Perhaps the most important thing that I learned that day was that the brand is a ministry. It’s not just a brand; jewelry is just the by-product, that’s why I say that we sell confidence.

Today we are a multi-million dollar accessories powerhouse! It’s a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears.

What is it like owning a minority-owned business and what does it mean to you?

Actually, it’s so much fun. I understand that there is a mindset that we don’t have the same level of access to resources, knowledge, bank loans, capital, all that. While it is true, I’m a firm believer that if you know anyone that looks like you, it can be done. While they do exist, it just means you have to work harder to obtain them. With us, we’ve had no traditional bank loan or anything like that. We’re completely 100% self-built. I love being a minority-owned brand because we recently went through a phase of wanting to serve different demographics because all demographics do business with us but naturally, I’m black and in our imagery and branding, we use African American women.

Then I took a step back because those trade show days were really important to me. They were important because that is how I learned who my customer is and who is naturally gravitating toward me.

Beyoncé still makes music about black girls, she is black, she is not making Taylor Swift kind of music but everyone listens to her music!

I love representing brown girls and I love being a brown girl representing business as well!

Why do you think your brand has become as successful as it has?

The reason why is our ability to build community, nothing else. We treat our customers a little differently. Our customer service is second to none. It starts with how we talk to our customers, the product descriptions, and our imagery is not just, for example, a handbag sitting on a desk. We do lifestyle photography so that you can see yourself in the product and living with the product.

The second point is beyond the sale. We always update you about your order and we teach you how to wear the product. I don’t believe any other brand does it as well as we do. We have a weekly show called “The Sparkle Party.” It’s broadcasted on Facebook Live every Wednesday night at 8 PM EST. It is our bonafide HSN but with a glass of wine and a live DJ. This allows me to teach our audience and customers how to use our product in a very fun way. We’ve been doing it for three years now and that very thing started in my kitchen, sitting on diaper boxes now we are in a studio and we’ve had celebrities such as Cynthia Bailey and Kim Coles. This show is what makes our customers feel connected.

Tell us what we can expect to see from you and your company in the future?

Well, we are stepping into retail. The next step for us is to step into big stores such as Macy’s, be on HSN, and get into Nordstrom. Also, we want to build a form of ambassador program where our products can be sold by reps and others, not just us.

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