One half of the rap duo Kid ‘n Play, Christopher “Play” Martin is on a mission to bring balance back to the news by presenting content with a positive spin about people making a difference around the world and even up the street.

As hip-hop culture oftentimes is portrayed in a negative light, Brand Newz ‘n Life is a digital news portal where hip-hop has a new direction founded by the “House Party” actor that features uplifting stories about everyday people who are making a difference in their respective communities.

The team behind the innovative platform consists of rising and established journalists, filmmakers, producers, video directors, and college students from around the country who display their talents through weekly news stories, covering the African American community, and monthly video pieces that touch on a variety of meaningful subjects and events stirring the emotions of its increasing viewership.

Topics related to health, business, technology, politics, and entertainment are presented through news briefs in the Newz to Know section. Martin hosts a monthly Brand Newz ‘n Life show featuring two video stories, while offering inspirational messages and personal testimonies to encourage a global audience through the online portal. To find out more information about this brand new media platform, visit

About Brand Newz ‘n Life:

Brand Newz ‘n Life, where hip-hop has a new direction, is a news source featuring inspiring stories in hip-hop culture, health, education, politics, and entertainment. Brand Newz ‘n Life explores and presents topics about individuals and events impacting our world and even up the street. Included is our “Week in Review: Newz to Know” that features four uplifting stories. To find out more information on Brand Newz ‘n Life at To stay updated on all things BNZ follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This feature was submitted by Isaac Morgan

Isaac Morgan wears many hats as a freelance journalist and is passionate about helping to lead the efforts of bringing balance to the media industry by presenting more uplifting content in the black community at large. Follow him on IG @ike_morgan and @itzbrandnewz.

All Images Courtesy of Christopher Martin