At the tender age of 92 years old, Cicely Tyson’s exuberant talent and personality have captivated the hearts of many as she continues to gleam within the entertainment world. Recently Tyson has highlighted as one of the trailblazing “Women in Hollywood” and it comes to no surprise!

Born in Harlem, New York City, a young Cicely Tyson was first discovered by Ebony magazine’s fashion editor and quickly dominated the modeling industry. Then in 1957, Tyson began acting in Off-Broadway productions which quickly spiraled her into legendary roles from notable films such Roots and The Help. Each piece was astounding and received accolades, making Cicely force within Hollywood.

So to you, Cicely Tyson, we appreciate your hard work and determination. Through your personal elevation, you’ve made way for women from all backgrounds and have demonstrated how age is just a number. We thank you!

Featured Image: Shutterstock