Ah, what a digital world we live in! Whether you love social media or hate it, you most likely are involved with some form of social networking. Yes, it can be distracting, even depressing at times. But it often strikes me as ironic how the same people decrying social media are using Twitter to do so, as there are definitely positives, one being the sheer number of people who daily use whichever platform. Simply put, if you are talented have a good product or even just a good idea, it won’t be long until people find out about it, all because of social media.

With this in mind, who better to talk to about this very issue than Cliff Vmir – the owner of Hymhair and celebrity hairstylist of the likes of Cardi B – about how social media has helped his business flourish, and how he personally navigates through the social media landscape. With over 700K followers, not to mention the success of his hairline (Cliff made over a million dollars in sales before turning twenty), he is the epitome of a social media success story. Cliff’s favorite medium for promoting his business is through Instagram. He explains, “Instagram has allowed me to showcase my work and has given me a lot of opportunities. I believe my career who have moved forward, but much slower without Instagram.


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