She’s known as one of the members of Grammy-nominated R&B group, Sisters With Voices (SWV) but she is truly a jack of all trades. Cheryl Clemons, or Coko as many know her has just launched her own lipstick line in partnership with LipSynk Cosmetics!

Not only has Coko made it her personal mission to empower women daily but her entrepreneurial spirit showcases in many aspects. Coko has opened up to the world in her many ventures, whether it’s through fashion, makeup, or her blog, HotCoko.

In Sheen Magazine’s exclusive interview with Coko Clemons, she dishes on everything from her NEW lipstick collection and what it’s like to be on tour with SWV again.

Can you tell us a little about the launch of your own lipstick collection, The Coko Collection?

The Coko Collection is something I’ve always wanted to do. My business partner, Tamia Davis was able to make all of this happen. It’s just a lipstick line that caters to women of color. As I grow older, I’m not that into bright lipstick shades so I wanted to create product that many women could relate to, just for the everyday woman.

What inspired you to launch your own collection?

I love makeup. I actually did my makeup for the campaign. I love lipsticks and to be able to launch my own collection is amazing to me because it is my passion.

What is your favorite lipstick from The Coko Collection?

I love Brown Bombshell. I love the name. (laughs) It’s my favorite from the collection because I’m really into nude shades.

Do you mind giving us insight on your blog, HotCoko? What is the main mission for your blog posts?

My blog is just about my life, my fashion sense, things I go through, and I also share my family too. I wanted to create my blog for people that may not know what I go through. I want people to get to know me personally through my blog.

What is it like being on tour with SWV again?

Being on tour with SWV is awesome. It’s been 25 years and to go out there almost every night and have people sing our songs like they just came out yesterday is amazing to me. When we made these records, I don’t think we thought about this time or that it would even come. To see that we’re still accepted and we have new fans that show us so much love when we perform is a blessing. We just want to give our fans what they want. We’re out here, we’re doing this, and we love it!

What can we expect from Coko Clemons in 2018?

Wow! In 2018, I’m trying to reach for the stars. I’m still going out with SWV, I won’t give that up for as long as I can sing. I am definitely going to expand on my lip stick line, The Coko Collection by adding makeup brushes to the collection. I am really excited about partnering with LipSynk Cosmetics on my new line which I started to empower women to own their own slay. 


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