As we all know, maintaining natural hair can be a daunting task any time of the year. With all the moisturizing and protective styling, keeping perfectly coiffed curls can feel like a job. This can be even more challenging during the winter months. With colder days ahead, we will soon be pulling out the cute scarves and boots. Here are some cold weather hair care tips to ensure your look is complete with beautiful, healthy looking natural hair.

1. Thou must pre-poo!

How do we pre-poo, you ask? Well this simply means conditioning the hair before you wash it. It has been said that using a really good conditioner (preferably one with an oil base) BEFORE washing your hair, will provide added moisture to natural hair. Natural hair can tend to dry out rather quickly. Using restorative techniques such as this can cause a dramatic difference.

2. Protect. Protect!

When going to bed at night, it is highly recommended that you cover your hair in a nice wrap so that the friction that happens against the pillow does not damage those delicate hairs. If possible, use a silk scarf. This soft and sensitive fabric will be much gentler than some others.

3……and Protect, AGAIN!

In order to add versatility to natural hair, we sometimes add heat in order to straighten the hair. There are other ways to be versatile without adding this type of stress to the hair. Some great protective styles, for example, would be sew-ins, faux locs, roller styles, etc. These styles allow you to give the hair some “personality” without having to apply added tension.

4. Give your hair conditional love.

This is one type of love that needs to have conditions. Using a great conditioner is essential for any hair care regimen. This is of supreme importance to natural hair as this restores the moisture in the hair, helps to strengthen it and to build elasticity. Using a good deep conditioner can also serve as a way to prevent future damage to the hair.

5. We are what we eat. So is our hair!

What we put into our bodies is always of great importance. Many people don’t realize that this can also have an effect on the overall health of your hair. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins can strengthen and beautify the hair from the inside out. Foods such as eggs, spinach and other dark leafy greens are high in protein. This is an important “inside addition” because the hair is made up of protein. Whole grains are rich in zinc, biotin and B vitamins and biotin can be essential to hair growth. There are many other beneficial vitamins to you hair. A great way to ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins is to invest in a great multi-vitamin. This way you can all of these great food benefits in one little capsule.

Featured Image: Shutterstock