Colour U Cosmetics CEO Karen Stallings, also known as Lady K, celebrated her birthday this past weekend at Coco Studios in Atlanta and the SHEEN Team joined in on the festivities.

The room was full of some of the hottest celebrities in Atlanta including Celebrity DJ Josh Acoff, Reigndrop Lopes, Bo Talley, 2016 Presidential candidate Robby Wells and many more.
Partners of the event included Impact Magazine, Bella Bar Tees, Sweet Bitch Wines, Dr. Miracles, Crownz Headphones, Urban Chic Boutique, Plateu Event Productions, Lets Fokes, DJ Nephu, Bossman Q, Diesel’s World, TST Network, and Revive Med Spa, IRI Extentions and Coco Studios.
Happy Belated Birthday Lady K!

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Photos courtesy of @Rwells45, @ColourUCosmetics, @TammyDMissFat, @MayleeMedia on Instagram