Our skin is often dry and ashy due to the excessive dryness in the winter air. However, we have some products that combat that. Monee’ has a line of products that are catered to giving you beautiful, moisturizing skin.

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Seaberry Cleansing Lotion

Remember to rinse the day away. We have all been guilty when it comes to cleansing our faces at night. We forget that the pollution and free radicals that we expose our skin to throughout the day often follows us home to our pillowcases if we don’t incorporate cleansing our skin nightly into our routine. The Seaberry Cleansing Lotion is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Free radical superhero fighter ingredients like cranberry and blueberry rid excess oil and remove skin impurities giving your skin a yummy treat before bed time. 

 Seaberry Hydration Masque

Get rid of dull, dry, dehydrated skin with the Seaberry Hydration Masque. This product is a must-have to your winter skin routine. Apply to freshly cleansed toned face and neck for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a lukewarm towel or washcloth and reveal soft, hydrated, supple skin that will make your makeup application smoother.

 Seaberry Hydration Creme’

One of the most important things to remember for your winter skin prep is to moisturize the neck area. The neck area often ages us the most. It typically doesn’t receive the same TLC as the rest our bodies. The Seaberry Hydration Creme’ is the perfect pick-me-up for extra hydration for areas that often go unnoticed. The amazing botanical benefits of grapes, bayberry, blueberry, and sea buckthorn oil give delicate skin a softer more supple texture.

Nourishing Silk Serum

The best winter skin tip is to use a serum. This product is often unnoticed when it comes to a daily skincare regimen. Our Nourishing Silk Honey Serum helps to blur fine lines, smooth skin texture, and assist with revealing a natural youthful glow. 

Coco Shea Souffle’ Body Creme’ 

Pamper your body with the Coco Shea Souffle’ Body Creme’. This luxuriously whipped creme’ combines the natural hydrating benefits of coconut oil and shea butter leaving you uber moisturized and ready for holiday pictures