During the time I had to get to know Alton Walker, I could not stop laughing! He needs no introduction as he has kept his audience laughing for almost a decade! With his R&B Workout Challenge video going viral overnight, he became a hit sensation in the world of comedy and its clear to see why! Join in as we got to know comedian and CEO of NextIn Line, Alton Walker.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Did you always know that this was going to be that path you took in terms of your career? My name is Alton Walker, I am a comedian and I actually didn’t know that I was going to be doing comedy for a living until about ten years ago. I did my first stand up in tenth grade but no one told me about the career of being a stand up comedian, I just liked being able to make people laugh. About four years ago, I quit my job and made it full time! Its been a blessing ever since. I have a a company called NextIN Line Network so we do college readiness workshop so between those two, it’s been really busy but a true blessing.

Where do you find your inspiration in order to keep your audience laughing?

Just everyday life. I think people enjoy comedians who just keep it real and offer stuff they can relate to. I’m on KISS 104.1 every morning I talk about stuff on the news from R. Kelly to Jussie Smolett. This stuff is funny! You can grab stuff like that. I was raised in the church so I made a song called, “Just See What My God Gone Do To Him,” since his name is Jussie (laughs). Its a song on my Instagram **bursts out into song** “Jussie, Jussie, just see what my God will do!” (laughs) Its stuff like that! Its everyday life that I incorporate.

You’ve had over 13 million hits on social media for the R&B Workout Challenge. What inspired you to incorporate ’90s and ’80s dance moves into aerobics workout?

I have a joke where I tell the crowd that I don’t even have to workout anymore because I do 100 Drew Hills every morning. The crowd is confused then the music starts playing and I do the **bursts out into song** “Tell me what you want!” I’ve been doing that joke for about two years so I had this idea one morning to try out all the R&B moves, Boyz II Men, Brandy. I wanted to do the video, I wanted it to be perfect but one day I just decided to do it in my living room. I did it, wasn’t so confident about it but still put it out around 11PM. When I woke up, it was almost at a million views. From then, I just decided to do a class and turned it into an event. Its a workout party! We’re on our third event this weekend in Columbus, Georgia. It started out with a video that I really didn’t think would do anything.

In addition to that, you also hold prom giveaways for young women. Why is this so important to you?

Well, young people have always been my heart. One of the reasons why I quit my job was because I wanted to help the young people. Two years ago, a woman had an idea to give away prom dresses but she tried to get the young ladies to come to a hotel. My first thought was that they can’t get there! If they can’t afford a prom dress, they can’t afford to get to a hotel on a Saturday. So I decided to link up with schools and call principals to take dresses to high schools. Last year we went to Stone Mountain High School and it was amazing. This year, we added more schools. We just gave away 26 beautiful dresses. Wherever I see a need for our young people, I try to meet that need the best way I can. These kids proms are so expensive! These prom dresses are like $600, I don’t know if you ever bought one (laughs) and they only wear it one time! What in the world?! Let me buy a $600 dress! You wearing it to church, every Easter, every wedding and it may become pajamas for you! We are going to three more schools by the end of March.

Are there any upcoming projects you could tell us about?

We still have the R&B Workout, that’s coming up! I have one in Columbus and one in Augusta. We’re getting ready to get one going in Charlotte before we come back to Atlanta. We are finishing the prom dress giveaways. We’re still collecting dresses, schools, and accessories. We want everyone to be apart of it and of course, next year we hope to add more schools. Those are the two projects going on right now that are keeping me busy.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the years to come?

Well, in the years to come I will probably be on your movie screen and televisions. To be honest with you, I’m living my dream. I’m in LA doing comedy right now! Of course you can always make more money and reach more people but I’m living it. I’m able to use my money to help young people. This is it! I want to get on more stages and get on television but if it never happens, I’m content with the life I live now.

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