Raw, real and wickedly-hilarious, “Kountry” Wayne Colley’s 2500 (and counting!) microformat digital videos have catapulted him from life in small-town Georgia to mega social media superstar and comedy sensation, selling out clubs and theaters across America! Since his first Facebook post in October 2014 went viral, the charismatic comic has amassed over 4 million followers on Facebook and Instagram. Keeping it real, mining comic gold from every day and applying his genius for freestyling, Wayne is a master comic storyteller. In 2017 Wayne embarked on a 150-date national “Child Support Tour” throughout the U.S. That wasn’t just a clever moniker – he’s the dad of nine kids and even as he builds his own entertainment legacy, he’s all about securing the future for them. Wayne is currently on his follow-up “Gift of Gab Tour,” drawing SRO crowds everywhere from Boston, San Antonio, Milwaukee and West Palm Beach to Edmonton. He’s building his audience with cutting-edge yet clean, curse-free material whose appeal transcends all cultural lines and is fit for (and often draws) the whole family. All while still posting content online daily.

“My hashtag, my mantra, is ‘Help is On The Way!’ – that’s my slogan, I own it, because I believe God’s got my back and your back and whatever is stressing you out today, it won’t last because help is truly on the way,” says Wayne, whose endearingly funny way with English comes from growing up “Kountry” in Millen, GA (pop. 3500), between Statesboro and Augusta. He was given what became his stage name during a stint living and going to school in Savannah in the mid-2000s.

Within a few months of his first posts, his fan base increased by the tens of thousands every week. He began making paid appearances, giving his fans their coveted photo ops. These events quickly led to more lucrative hosting and then full-fledged standup gigs. The game plan now is, like other successful social media personalities, is leveraging his talent and charismatic persona into work in film and TV!

It’s only a matter of time before the powers that be in Hollywood catch on to the comic gold that “Kountry” Wayne’s world can bring to the cultural conversation. (bio)

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with the hilarious comedian on Starrdom100 Radio and he discussed with me his journey while rising to fame! It was so hard to not laugh during our discussion because he delivers such a positive yet comical response to everything in life. You may find yourself laughing at the moment but you will definitely walk away from the conversation having learned something positive to get you through the day or life in general.

Wayne Colley known to many as “Kountry Wayne” shared some helpful advice for anyone looking forward to that moment of success in their career. He made sure to remind people that it is important to be yourself and not get caught up in trying to imitate what may have worked well for somebody else. He also shared that his goal is to represent for those who are often overlooked because of where they came from. Coming from small cities at times give people a false impression of what you are capable of doing. Yet Colley is looking to change that perception in Hollywood!

For those working towards their moment of discovery, what advice would you give them?

Just be you and if a person can find a way to be them, then it’s going to come on time. Because you can end up being semi-successful trying to be someone else and when you are not doing what God wants you to do, that success will end. To get it balanced, the success can feel good, you have to be you because you are what God created you to be. You being somebody else means you are off your path. So find a way to be you for real.

A lot of people who come from smaller cities like yourself are told that moving to larger cities like Los Angeles, California etc. to get discovered will help them get ahead faster. What are your thoughts about that?

For everybody out there talking about they want to move to Los Angeles to chase their dreams and Hollywood, make sure you have something going on back at home first. Because you get out here and you paying a million dollars in rent a month, then you will realize that you should have had something at home first. We have the internet now so build you an audience first then come out here. Let this marinate like some neck bone juice! You listen to the people who tell them stories of how they came out here chasing their dreams, and about how they slept in their cars…. if they live here and were sleeping in their cars, and you talking about coming out here with nothing, you will be sleeping in a trash can! (laughs) So get you something going home first and then come out here.”


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Featured Image: Paul Mobley